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Updated on July 31, 2010
J.B. asks from Saint Louis, MO
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I have less than two weeks left of my pregnancy. My first pregnancy my signs of labor were just contractions and my second ended up being a planned cesarean since my first ended up being an emergency cesarean. I am scheduled for another cesarean but I'm curious if I could be having signs of early labor. The past few weeks I feel as if baby has dropped and i have so much pain and pressure down there it hurts to move around or even lay in my own bed. In one week I also gained 2 lbs. This past week I have also had more constipation than usual. Today I have had some really bad heartburn for the very first time and little cramping.

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answers from Columbus on

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy!! I would say make sure you are getting enough water each day because if you do not get enough water you could become dehydrated which could cause your cramping and increase your chances of becoming constipated. You should drink six to eight 8-ounce glasses (46 to 64 ounces) of fluid per day and if you exercise I would add 8 to 16 more ounces of water. If you have gained 2lbs it could be due to your constipation if you don't go (to the potty) it will stay and you will weigh heavier. Of course I am not a physician and all concerns about your pregnancy should be called in to your physician's office. My OB has a nurse line that I contacted while pregnant with concerns and direction. Good luck to you!!



answers from Cincinnati on

You're probably close, but since every pregnancy is unique it's going to be hard to answer this. I know that weeks before I delivered,I felt her drop. I also had a lot of pain down there, and that lasted for months, and got increasingly worse closer to delivery time. It sounds like what you're describing. I could hardly sleep at night from it. Going up/down stairs was painful, just walking was painful. The week before I delivered, I gained 10 pounds in one week. I was so unbelievably swollen, everywhere. How far along are you? I would say that if you start having contractions, just time them, and if you happen to be in early labor just call your doc. They will stop it, I'm sure.



answers from Providence on

I have had only one child and I will say signs of labor is not a LITTLE cramping....oh my LOTS of cramping. I was always told you will know and I will have to agree. I would almost say from my experience if I was going in labor I would not of been typing on Mamapedia. Congratulations on your baby!!!



answers from Miami on

I'm 38.5 weeks - my first pregnancy I had no natural contractions - was induced 11 days post EDD and ended up with a c-section. I have no idea what a natural contraction would feel like...but I can tell you that I've had a lot of pain / pressure as well as constipation in the last two weeks. I know that I'm battling dehydration - it was 98 degrees here today in Ft. Lauderdale - plus, I'm constantly peeing since the baby dropped about 2 weeks ago.

Heartburn could be just what you ate - and cramping could be related to dehydration...that said, if your water breaks, if you have bloody show or if you have bad contractions that cause you to loose focus on everything else around you - call your doctor.

I'm planning a VBAC - but keep in mind that ACOG has recently released guidelines that repeat c-sections should not be done earlier than 39 weeks unless there is another medical indication for going earlier. This is to keep babies out of NICU - especially if there is any doubt about when you conceived (conception date is different than last missed period). You can read more on the ACOG website.

Hang in there mama. C.

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