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Physician Assistant Vs. Doctor for Growth Plate Fracture

My 4 year old has a growth plate fracture in the femur. She has an appointment in the orthopedics department tomorrow, but with a physician assistant (PA) rather than a doctor (MD). When I asked for an appointment with an MD, I was told that the MDs only see patients with injuries requiring surgery (I have Kaiser HMO). So I confirmed the appointment with the PA. Since my daughter's fracture involves the growth plate, I would really like her to be seen by an actual doctor, but don't want to be one of those difficult patients. ...


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4 Year Old Behavior

I am wondering if any of you have experienced some of these characteristics with your 4 year old (I have a boy). He can't stand tags in his clothing, socks are too tight, pants are too tight (even though they are not.....), no long sleeve shirts (can't stand them!). Behaviors he has are: tantrums....screaming, yelling, and hitting the bedroom door...etc... when we are transitioning him from one thing to the next...and he is not happy about the next event. We also are hearing from others that he is bugging other kids who are next to him...


ADHD In 3 Year Old

We have been observing our 3 year old for the last year and 1/2 for signs of...


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Having a Hard Time Trying to Teach My 4 Year Old!!!!

Hello wonderful moms! I need your help. My 4 year old is having a hard time focusing. Since I'm a SAHM and we don't really have the funds to send him to a preschool, I try to teach him myself a long with my 21 month old son. He is very smart BUT its like he dont apply hisself. My husband told him he wants a SMART kid not the COOL kid. My son then says to his father, "Well I want to be cool, not smart!" We can sit down and try to do his workbooks and worksheets and he wants to play, or he starts talking about something that has nothing to...

Counselor or Therapist

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Unruly 3 Year Old

I wrote a couple of weeks ago and i really need some advise. My 3 year old girl is completely out of control. She does not listen to anyone, she is horribly bratty, and has no regard for anyone else. When we are with other children, she will rip toys away from them, push them, and is ALWAYS the boss. But, she is the first to cry when someone else does something to her that she doesn't like. She has started talking baby talk all the time. It's not an attention thing, because I give her attention 24/7 and try very hard to be patient. ...


4 Year Old Behavior

I am wondering if any of you have experienced some of these characteristics...


My 3 Year Old

I'm having a couple problems with my 3 year old, the most important problem...


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4 Year Old Needs to Go to Preschool...

Hi Moms~ I am having trouble deciding about preschool and I could use some advice, particularly from those of you with a background in child development! My 4 year old is definitely ready for preschool. Problem is, he is very shy and hesitant to join a group of children or talk to another child, but once he does, he has a ball! I am expecting a huge battle. He has recently changed his view from "I don't want to grow up" to "I can't wait to go to school", but he is often brave right up until the last second, then chickens out! My...


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Dentist in Naperville

Our dentist recently left the practice we were going to and we don't want to continue going there (we were only going there for her). Does anyone know of a good family dentist in the Naperville area? We live near downtown. We're looking for a dentist who will take good care of our teeth and not try to get us to spend money we don't need to spend. Thanks for your help!


Need a Dentist!

Okay I am the biggest baby when it comes to dentist and doctors and the such...

ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)

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Eyes, Ear, Nose, & Throat Doctor

Hi Moms, its me with another question. I hope someone can help me, I'm looking for an Eyes, Ear, Nose, & Throat doctor in Dallas, I am willing to drive to find one. My almost 3 year old is not articulating her words clearly, she will try to repeat what you say but it comes out a different way. This is causing me so much stress because I don't know what else there is for me to do. I want to get her checked out to ensure me everything is ok. She already go to speech therapy and they told me to get her ears checked. I have already did that...


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Help. Our 3 Year Old Wakes up Every Night at Either 12, 2 or 5 Am!

Hi. I am at wits end. Our 3 year old wakes up EVERY night and will not go back to sleep unless someone sleeps with her. We have tried the 'crying it out' deal but she gets so upset that she dry heaves and my husband can't handle watching his daughter so upset. We've tried taking away her favorites (Barbies, movies, etc). Nothing is working and I am losing my mind! Any suggestions would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

Optometrist & Ophthalmologist

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My 4 Year Old Has Allergies..

My 4 year old , 5 in Dec. Has allergies. He has been on several different types of Allergy medicines and nothing is seeming to help. He gets headaches and runny noses often. He is a very active child and loves playing outside. We also spend alot of time in the country.


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3 Year Old Behavior...

Hello there...I am looking for new tricks to have up my sleeve when dealing with my 3 year old daughter. As of late she has taken to shrieeking when put on a time out. I also have not been able to get her to say "I'm sorry for _____" once she's out of her time out. She flat out refuses and walks away or says she "can't". She also has taken to talking or raising her voice over mine to repeat herself when told "no" in getting something. This she picked up from me due to my using it when she started repeating herself so say "noooooo" over her....


4 Year Old Behavior

I am wondering if any of you have experienced some of these characteristics...


My 3 Year Old

I'm having a couple problems with my 3 year old, the most important problem...

Surgeon or Specialist

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Is My 4 Year Old Son Where He Should Be? (Academically)

I have a very sweet son who just turned 4 in September. Technically, because of his birthday he is supposed to be in the 3 year old class, but because he just missed the cutoff by just 2 weeks, the school allowed him to be in the 4 year old class. With that said, the teacher informed me that he seems "slower" to do things than his counterparts. My son is able to recognize about 85% of his letters (both uppercase and lowercase), knows letter sounds for about 65% of letters. However, he still struggles recognizing numbers 6, 9 and 10. But he...