Seeking an Eye Doctor in Avon, Indy or Brownsburgh Area

Updated on April 06, 2007
A.R. asks from Chesterfield, MO
4 answers

Hello Ladies,

I am looking for an Eye Doctor for my 7 yr-old kid. Last year, I took him to an Eye doctor who told me that he is nearsighted, but he did not need glasses at that time. The school keeps telling me that he is having problems with his vision, and I have noticed some problems there as well. He trips too much, he is rubbing hie eyes constantly, he bumps onto things sometimes, and he watches TV or play at the PC too closed. So, if you ladies know about a good eye doctor or ophtalmologist (I don't know if an specialist is necessary in these cases..) I'd really appreciate it!!!
Thanks in advance!

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I just went to the target vision center in avon they did a GREAT job with my 4 year old she was very sweet to him... I also went there a week later and had another great visit. and not to mention they were very honest they sent me a 40.00 check b/c they over charged me.... so good luck



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My son has been wearing glasses since Aug. 06. He is 7 almost 8. I took him to an over rated over priced place. In the end it was Walmart who treated him the best.



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Hi, I'm new to the area. I had to take my 9 year old son because he broke his glasses, so I didn't have much time for research. I don't know a good eye doctor, but I can tell you to stay away from Swords eye center in Avon. The doctor was very nice, but the office staff never calls to tell you when your stuff is in. It took 2 weeks to get one pair of glasses and 4 weeks to get the second pair. (I order two at a time so we always have an extra pair.) Good luck, let me know if you find a good one!! S.



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Hi Alejandra,
I recently took my 4 kids to get new glasses at Avon Vision Enhancement Center. My sister in law told me about them. The docs name is Dr. Amanda Judson.
Their number is ###-###-#### and they are right on US Hwy 36
It's a HUGE brick building but ask them for specific directions because I missed it the first time because of where you have to go in. She and her staff were very professional. She also specializes in behavioral problems caused by eye sight issues. They had a very large selection for frames as well. Give her a try! We all left very happy. :)

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