Complicated Labor

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S.K. asks from Miami

Hi I'm 3 centimeters dialated my dr doctor wants to induce me if the baby is not here by Monday how can I put my self into labor I only have one more centimeter to be...


Labor AGAIN??

N.H. asks from Omaha

This may sound absolutely crazy...or not...But I am scared to death of giving birth again. My first preg. was kinda rough and didn't enjoy being a member of preggy la...


Is It Premature Labor or Not?

S.M. asks from New York

I've had constant back pain for about 8 hours now, I've slept all day and don't really know if I had contractions, my water hasn't broken, I'm not bleeding but I've h...


Labor Process

M.K. asks from Wausau

I am a little anxious about the labor process and pain involved. Any advice would be helpful. Should I use an epidual? What was your labor like? How many hours sho...


How Did Your Labor Start?

E.D. asks from Seattle

TOTALLY out of curiosity: How did your labor start? For example, did you begin to dilate and then X amount of time later go into labor? Did your water break befo...



J.T. asks from Phoenix

I am trying to make a birth plan and I don't know what to think of getting an episiotomy..... Did you get one? Are they a good idea? Am I going to rip and if so is it...


Fast Labor

J.L. asks from Flagstaff

My frist labor was very fast and very painful. I am expecting a new little blessing this novemeber. No one I know had a labor that went as fast as my frist one a whol...


Premature Births

M.P. asks from Phoenix

Hi I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and in the early phase of premature labor. I have had a lot of bleeding/my mucus plus came out yesterday and I am having contr...


False Labor

J.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi moms. I am almost 38 weeks with my second child. I had some intense false labor 2 nights ago. I feel so ready to have this baby. My legs feel like they are going...


How Long Until Labor?

T.S. asks from Buffalo

Hello, I am 29 years old and pregnant with my 4th child. I went to the hospital at 30 weeks with cramping/contractions, they did the preterm labor test and it came ba...