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C Section

G.R. asks from Dallas

i am having a c-section in about 6 weeks how long it takes you to full recovery and how was you recovery?


C Section

H.S. asks from Minneapolis

I had a C Section delivery about 3 years ago. Recently I began having severe pain when ever I press on my left feet & while walking. What the cause of this?


C Section

M.E. asks from Los Angeles

I had a c section 5 months ago. I seem to get pain in my stomach now and then but when ever i put jeans on its a little bet more severe its this normal?


My C Section

D.T. asks from Modesto

hello just wondering what other moms did to lose the belly after a c section.. my twins are 9 months now and i have a belly. i am a stay at home mom and run about 3 ...


C Section

D.W. asks from Houston

I had a c section almost 4 weeks ago. Now I have tiny bumps along my incision and I'm itching something terrible. Please help. My doctor said use neosporin but it's n...


C Section

K.V. asks from Atlanta

I had a c section a month ago, my first one and I'm 37 years old. I was wondering when it's OK to start doing stuff like vaccumm around the house, driving or exercisi...


C Section

M.L. asks from Portland

i know a lot of you moms had c sections, and i was just wondering was the experience good or bad and how was the healing process? vagional birth i know is ideal but i...


2Nd C-section

R.P. asks from New Orleans

Do they do an epedural for a planned c-section?


Pregnancy After C-section

B.W. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have experience with a pregnancy less than a year after a c-section? What complications (if any) did you have?


Tummy After C Section

J.S. asks from Duluth

do you no if i can get a tummy tuck covered if you get rash's from a c section?