How Many of You Went into Early Labor?

Updated on July 17, 2010
H.H. asks from San Clemente, CA
18 answers

I'd love to hear from you early, on time and late moms. I'm 36+ weeks and still toying around with the crazy idea of going VBAC. I'm thinking of making the deal with myself that if I go into labor early I'll VBAC it, and if I don't go into natural labor I'll stick with my scheduled C at 29 weeks. (FYI, you cannot get induced or get any piton when you've had a previous Cecearian. Thats why it would have to be natural starting early labor, and my dr. is going on vacation the afternoon of my scheduled delivery. So waiting for natural labor means I don't get my dr.)

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answers from Joplin on

my son was born about a month early,I started leaking fluid I had ruptured and didn't even know so. It was just like this clear liquid that was a little thicker than water. someone could have mistaken it as just discharge or peeing in your underwear anyways I caught it on my own shortly after i discovered it I called the doctor and they told me to get my butt in there(my words not theirs lol)and when they checked me my water was leaking(so to speak)not busted and they did an admit and not that day but the next night I was trying to do the vaginal thing and things were not going like planned and i actually started having breathing problems because they think I was retaining fluid in the body and it rushed to my lungs(errrrr!!! it was a nightmare)so while in the operating room we both were under antibiotics they told me they did not know if he would even make a sound coming out because of the prematurity. but I never cried so hard when he came out of that belly he was squealing like a little piggy and they could not shut him up. sorry so long I know I was just supposed to tell you if early or not but I was so glad god took care of us and he just turned five the other day I love my baby boy! :>) and by the way he was perfectly healthy just held over for some jaundice and some observation.

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answers from Austin on

3 weeks early.. I was in denial.. I did not feel any contractions, but my water broke.. Called the doctors office and told them , even though my water broke, I did not feel any contractions and did not think I needed to go to the hospital..

They told me, if I did not get to the hospital, they were going to send an ambulance, but not to drive myself.. They got my attention..

I was willing to try All natural, but I had the option of changing my mind.. My husband was a great coach and so I forgot to ask for anything! Surprised myself..



answers from St. Louis on

My first was two weeks late, 25 + hours of labor and had to have an emergency cesarean. With my second I had a planned cesarean at 38 weeks because my doctor thought the baby was going to be big which he wasn't. I wish I would have at least tried vbac with him. The morning I went in for my surgery I was even having contractions and did not even know it. Now expecting #3 in a few weeks I have a scheduled cesarean. If I do go into labor early the doctor has agreed to let me try vbac if I don't have any complications.



answers from Gainesville on

Well...I had mine at 38 weeks...11 days early. I don't know about waiting it out, if you are really set on your Dr then perhaps you should go with the scheduled c....However if you want to wait it out, by all means then wait it out, you'll just have to get whatever doc is on duty. Good luck and congrats !


answers from New York on

Hi Heidi,
I had a wonderful VBAC 2 years ago. It was hard to find a doc. that was VBAC friendly. I am not going to put all I think about the high C-section levels in USA, all I will say is that my first doc. only delivery babies on Fridays and Saturdays, Hummm.
Anyway, I went to the mentality to try as much possible to have a natural birth, also with plenty knowledge that thing could no be as I dreamed and end up with a second C-section.
I wait at home until I was sure I was in delivery, actually, it was my husband that make me go to the hospital because my contractions were to close and regular. The reason I didn't want to go is because I really wasn't is so much pain as I thought I would be.
When I got to the hospital I was already 6mm I think.
Everything went kind of fast, and no that painful, but there was another pregnant woman having her baby and she screamed very loud and I must accept I got kind of scare, actually very scare, lol(my fist baby was a C-section because my water broke and I wasn't having any contractions, uggg, so I didn't knew what to expect).
I end up having anesthesia.
Everything was going well and then, it all stop, we wait but nothing was going on and I was already 9mm I think.
The did induced me with the piton.
In less the an hour I was having my baby by VBAC!!!
I honestly think that I had a wonderful delivery, it didn't took long, I think around 5 hours, it wasn't that painful (I prepare my self that it was going to be very painful but it wasn't).
Having my baby right away, be able to count her fingers and toes, and kiss her and feed her, and share all that next to my hubby, it was just amazing.
I wish you a wonderful delivery as well,( VBAC or C-section) and a fast recovery, so you can enjoy your little one.
EDIT: I actually was 3 days late, but my doc let me wait for a week past my due day, actually, I suppose to go for a C-secion 4 days after my baby born if I didn't went on labor on my own, but baby finally decide to come out.
And yeap, they also told me that my first baby wasn't going to fit, only that my VBAC baby was much bigger.



answers from Portland on

1) I think VBAC is a good idea if you're willing to try and want to do it.
2) If VBAC is something you REALLY want, then I wouldn't worry about having a different doctor if your doctor is on vacation. Trust me, they're there for about 10-20 minutes and then they leave and you don't see them again.
Having a different doctor deliver your baby won't be an issue at all.
Good luck, keep us posted! :)



answers from Minneapolis on

You said you wanted to hear from late mom's too and that's me :)

Mine were born +9 (induced - horrible), +11 (natural water birth) and +5. They weighed 8.8, 9.7 and 8.4.

Having your own doctor of COURSE is nice.. but with my first mine was on vacation and I was having lots of contractions so I went in, and then they made me stay and get interventions because I was 9 days past my due date... in hind sight I should have just gone home AMA because the induction was not fun (lol). But really, the doc. just came in the last hour of my 36 hour labor and the nurses were much more important to me than the doc, and you have no control over your nurses.

I'd try for a VBAC if that's what you want... and not worry about what doctor you have when baby comes.




answers from Seattle on

I had mine at 37 +2 (or so). I did a lot of walking during my pregnancy and my baby was breech. I had an external version 5 days before my daughter was born, but no signs of labor before or after (no contractions, baby did not drop...)
Then the night my daughter was born my water just broke, three hours later contractions started and 4 hours after that she was born. It was superfast, my first pregnancy and no complications whatsoever.
Every birth is different! Good luck!



answers from Tampa on

I had my son at 36 weeks.



answers from Washington DC on

I had to be induced both times because both of my boys were VERY content to just hang out and bake for a little longer. I also know that my due dates were very accurate because I've always kept track of my cycles and paid close attention to my body.

I was induced with my first at 8 days past my due date. My water broke but I didn't go into labor, so it was pitocin for 22 hours to get him out.

I was induced with my second on my due date because my blood pressure was spiking and I was showing NO signs of going into labor anytime soon. I was on pitocin for 24 hours with him.

In both cases I'm glad I didn't wait any longer. They were both well over 8 1/2lbs. already and if we'd waited until THEY were ready, they probably would have been 20lb!! lol! j/k

To this day, they both drag their feet at every opportunity. They are just content RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE at all times! :)



answers from Los Angeles on

My 2nd child was induced 13 days early because my first child was 8 lbs. 9 oz., especially large for my size (I'm 5'1", 104 lbs), and I was concerned about the recovery time frame if I had to experience another C-Section. My ob/gyn had no reservations about a VBAC based on my health. My 2nd, even induced at 13 days early, was still 7 lbs. 5 oz. If I had waited for natural labor, it surely would've meant another C-Section. The recovery period was just a FRACTION of that of the major surgery. I am so extremely satisfied with the outcome and very grateful that my doctor was confident enough to let me do it and confident enough in his skills. VBAC is not a crazy idea! More doctors would do it if it weren't for the liability risks. Whatever you decide to do, or what the outcome is, you will just be happy to have a healthy baby! Best wishes!



answers from Wichita on

I'm confused by the 'scheduled C at 29 weeks' mainly b/c you are 36+ wks.
It depends if your dr. said that you can have a VBAC (depending on the type of c-section you had, mine were classical though my uterus but bikini cut through my skin so labor was too dangerous).
Personally I would just stick with the scheduled c-section. I went through 6 hrs. of labor & never dialated, so all of my 3 kids were c-sections. After what I went through I would choose a c-section.

God bless!



answers from Los Angeles on

I was induced 2 days after my due date. Induction and labor totaled 32 hours though it only took about 20 minutes to push my beautiful son out : ). So he was born 40 weeks and 3 days. I had an epidural so didn't feel anything when I pushed. I asked for one as soon as I couldn't handle the contraction pains anymore which was about 24 hours later.



answers from Santa Barbara on

Well my first pregnancy was a PROM at 28 weeks twin delivery. After 2 days of labor stopping meds, my body was delivering the babies weather we wanted them to come or not. That whole ordeal and my doctors beliefs resulted in a c-section. I was determined after that horrible experience and recovery that I would NOT have another c. So I found a doc that would do one and drove an hour to him. For my second pregnancy I planned the c 2 weeks after my due date to give this baby time to come out on his own. But as my luck would have it, I never went into labor. Not even a hint of dilation either. I ended up with the dreaded c, and I was and still am terribly sad about that. I say, take the different doc. All they do is catch the baby ;) The nurses do all the work anyway!



answers from Philadelphia on

I never made it to my due date with all four. They were only about 3-5 days early...with the exception of one...she was almost 3 weeks early. I walked and did a lot of squats toward the end. I really think that helped. I used to hold the rail of the crib and squat... i was done like a turkey in the end and could not wait to have!


answers from Pocatello on

Well with my first I went into labor 10 days early. My water broke at OutBack Steak House! LOL by the time i got to the hospital I was already at a 6 and my contractions were about every minute in a 1/2. But.......11 hours later and still at a 6 they had to do a c-section. Failer to progress was what they said but once they did the c-section it turned out my pelvic bones are too close together making no room for a babies head to come through. My daughter was only 6 pounds 9 oz. So not too big. I mean it's up to you to try for a VBAC but you still may end up with a c-section anyways.



answers from San Diego on

Hi Heidi!

I had my VBAC at 40 weeks and a very long day! We had a date at 41 weeks for a planned c-section but recovery from my first c-section was really bad so I knew didn't want another one if possible. Thankfully I went into labor before that and was successful with the VBAC. It was really cool because I was really intuned with what my body needed, and the recovery was such a breeze!! I know the feeling about wanting your own Dr but in my case the Dr. on call was the one Dr. that I didn't want.and he was only there to catch my son & stitch me up because I tore a bit.

Good luck with whatever decision you decide. You and your healthy baby is what is important!


answers from Cincinnati on

Did you mean to say that your scheduled C is at 39 weeks?

I went into labor with my first at 37 weeks and 1 day. I arrived at my 37 week appt and during a pelvic exam I was found to be 6 centimeters, and was sent to L&D right away. That one ended in an emergency C, where I was intubated and was given general anesthesia. When I woke, my daughter was 2 hours old. Talk about a crazy experience. I considered a vbac with #2, but went with the planned C at 38 weeks. It was a lovely experience. Arrived at 6:30am, and had a son at 8am.

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