Complicated Labor: Munchkin

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Stripping the Membranes

My doctor wants to strip my membranes next week. I'll be 40 weeks. Ok, does this hurt? I've heard that it does. My mother in law told me it hurt worse than the labor (thanks mom) any stories?? also did it work for you?


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Anyone Out There Had a C-section That Did Not Close?

I just had my 3rd c-section last week. When the staples were removed, the incision was still open. I now have a nurse coming 2 times a day to clean and re-pack the site. I am uncomfortable, and worried about how long this can go on. I guess that I am also a little stressed out about how horrible it is going to look when it does heal. Well....I guess that I am just really stressed, freaked-out, upset, and depressed about the whole situation. Any advice would be appreciated.


My C Section

hello just wondering what other moms did to lose the belly after a c...

Group B Strep (GBS)

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Group B Strep Positive and Stressed!

Hi Moms -- I'm expecting our 2nd daughter and recently tested positive for Group B Strep. My first pregnance was awesome, little to no discomfort and negative for GBS. This time was a completely different story! So, they say 2nd deliveries are faster and easier -- is that true? Cause nothing has been easier with this pregnancy... and how was your experience with being positive for GBS? I need IV antibiotics when i get to the hospital, so I am stressed about getting there with enough time to prep everything. My active labor with first...