Complicated Labor

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Inducing Labor

E.S. asks from Allentown

Hi I am going on 42 weeks pregnant right now, I'm actually 10 days past my due date. No complacations so far, my doctor wants to induce by 42 weeks, so I am schedul...


Inducing Labor?

M.A. asks from Chicago

Hello to all the mommies out there and thank you for your time in reading this. Here goes my concern. I am expecting my 3rd child a week from today (due date is nex...


Inducing Labor

M.M. asks from Dallas

I'm now in my last trimester of pregnancy and about to take off for maternity leave at the end of the month. I've heard that doctor's will induce labor early if you a...


Signs of Labor

E.C. asks from Shreveport

Hello! I am pregnant with my first child and I have already dilated. I was at fingertip last week and went up to one and a half this week and the doc said I was "thin...


Labor Links

C.E. asks from Las Cruces

Hello, I have about a month left til I am due with my second baby. I didn't take a childbirth class with my first and didn't enroll in time for this one. My husband...


Preterm Labor

S.J. asks from St. Louis

Did any of you moms have preterm labor contractions? If so, is there anything you think helped? My FFN came back negative. I am currently taking an oral med (n...


Inducing Labor

K.B. asks from Austin

My doctor has suggested that if I am at 39 weeks and everything looks good she can schedule a time for her to induce labor. Normally I would never consider this but I...


Going into Labor

H.R. asks from Dallas

I am having my first baby. I went to the doctors office about 3 days ago and thats when my doctor cheaked me and said i was three centimeters and said I was softening...


Early Labor

K.E. asks from Spokane

Hi Mammas, I am currently 31 weeks pregnant, and this is my fourth pregnancy. I became pregnant right after my son was born. These babies will be 10.5 months apart...