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Updated on September 07, 2010
S.K. asks from Pompano Beach, FL
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Hi I'm 3 centimeters dialated my dr doctor wants to induce me if the baby is not here by Monday how can I put my self into labor I only have one more centimeter to be dialated to b in active labor

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answers from Miami on

Sometimes walking helps get things going. And as others said, sex and nipple stimulation also can induce contractions. But mostly you just have to wait. I did all those things with number 1 and he was born just a few days before his due date. With 2, nothing helped. I was induced when he was a week overdue. On the plus side, that delivery went really fast. With number 3 I was trying to avoid going into labor because she was a scheduled c-section (breech). But I went into labor on my own the day before it was scheduled anyway.



answers from Tampa on

I heard castor oil if you can stand it! I couldn't stand it, so never did it, but I heard it works! Spicy food, lots of walking and sex too :)

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answers from Dallas on

Walking and sex are the most recommended possible labor inducers. Just because your doctor wants to induce labor, you don't have to agree to it. If your water hasn't broken or if you don't have any other medical issues, why would you want to force your baby out before it's ready?

Impending delivery is sooo exciting!!!! I hope you have a GREAT experience no mater what route you take!!

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answers from Orlando on

Walk up & down the stairs as fast as you can. Take a walk outside...again, move as quickly as you can.
Have sex!
I also, would not allow them to induce you unless there is a danger to the baby. Your body is already starting to dilate. The synthetic hormone could screw things up & you could end up with a c-section....and they suck!
Congrats on your new baby!!

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answers from Miami on

Let the baby come when it's ready. Forget about putting toxic chemicals and hormones into the baby. I work in the autism/developmental delay community and there is way too much talk about these hormones damaging the baby's brain. If you are getting an epidural then you have at least saved yourself from all the other drugs. Opt out of Hep B for the baby after birth. That vaccine is extremely dangerous and the baby is at no risk of being exposed to Hep B unless you have it. You can always start the series when your child is approaching teenage years. Big gut damage for infants!

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answers from Sarasota on

I just want to add my voice--let your labor proceed naturally if at all possible! It will be much easier for you, much lower risk of c-section, etc. Walking and sex do work, but when your body is ready, labor will happen!

I had three weeks of pre-labor with my son (regular Braxton-Hicks contractions every afternoon and early morning), but I could work around it. Then I was in active labor for 2.5 hours! He was my second baby, but still--I don't think I would have had it that easy if I hadn't waited for it to start on its own.

Good luck! A beautiful, healthy, happy birth to you and your baby!

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answers from Grand Rapids on

Not a lot to say, but don't let them induce you. Let your body do it! It will hurt more, be more intense you would end up wanting more pain meds... It is artificial oxytocin... If I had another, there would be nooo way I'd willing have pit or any other type of induction. I hated it. There are many things that can go wrong. My first got stuck and I think it has to do w/ the pit. My next one was induced w/o me knowing (long story). She was vacuumed out since I had so many drugs put in me that I couldn't feel anything (again, didn't know)!! It made me very mad when I found out 5 years after the fact about these things. Anyway, I advise you to not artificially induce unless there is something wrong.
To help move things around, my midwife said "kissing cuddling and marital relations". Otherwise your body will get you there! Congrats!

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answers from Ocala on




answers from Tampa on

Go to your chiropractor and get adjusted, and then walk, walk, walk,
best, k



answers from Jacksonville on

My doctor told me there is only one sure fire way. Sex! It was nearly impossible for us - with the belly, the toddler and the in-laws! I had to be induced - but I had no problems. Labor did not seem more intense.

Good luck.



answers from Tulsa on

weed the garden or move furniture.



answers from Miami on

in addition to walking, sex, nipple stimulation, spicy foods, consider an 'induction' massage...basically a deep massage. (the kind they won't give you earlier because they're afraid to put you into labor! :-) ) Also, accupressure/accupuncture. I suppose arranging these could be a little tough with the holiday weekend, but it might be worth checking into. Don't be afraid to stick up for yourself with not wanting the induction. And...try to just relax and be positive about your baby coming. If you're tense and stressing over it, you may be causing your body to tighten up and slow you down. Being 3cm already sounds pretty great to me! (Besides, does your doctor really want to work on Labor Day...I'm sure you can at least get a day or 2 out of them to give yourself more time.)



answers from New York on

I would walk around. I went to the hospital and was 2 cm. I walked around for an hour or so and was 7cm the next time they checked!



answers from Miami on

You are already in labor! Congratulations! Now all you need to do is start walking. Seriously, take walks around your neighborhood. You will get to 4 cm, you will!



answers from Minneapolis on

According to a nurse I know, the only thing that is proven to work is nipple stimulation. It releases the hormones that cause uterine contractions (that's why when you nurse right after childbirth it causes the uterus to contract, or involude, back to its normal size). Good luck!


answers from Norfolk on

Walk, Walk, Walk!!
I was 3 centimeters and the nurse told me to walk for 2 hrs but I could only walk an hr and a half but when I was check I ended up being 5 centimeters then literally 20 mins later I was FULLY dilated they had to rush me to a room it was crazy! It's different for everyone but the main thing is to walk and up and down stairs is better because the baby has to do lots of turning of the head to get threw the "tunnel" lol and when your walking up and down stairs it moves your pelvis.


answers from Tampa on

You can tell your Dr. that YOU refuse to be induced because of the known risks just to make his schedule easier. Rushing labor is dangerous to you and baby. Remind your OB you pay his paycheck to work around YOUR body/baby's schedule, not to work around his. Your OB knew what he was getting into when he became an OB... baby's do not come on a 9-5pm schedule.

Don't stress yourself, your baby will come when it is ready.



answers from Little Rock on

Hit the mall for a brisk walk.



answers from Chicago on

Walk up & down the stairs. Eat spicy food. Have sex...these are all things I heard, but didn't have to do. More importantly, how many weeks are you? I believe one could walk around for days being 3 cm, why does the dr. want to induce? If you are not past your due date, & there are no health risks to you or the baby, I personally would not induce simply b/c you are 3cm.



answers from Tallahassee on

breast pump! that's what did the trick for me. that nipple stimulation works.



answers from Miami on

Sex! or my doctor recommended swinging on the swings at the playground- the gravitational pull when you are comming down helps induce labor.

What do I know- I was induced twice! I loved it- I had time to eat breakfast, shave my legs, and I had drugs!



answers from New London on

for me having sex worked. also there are so many pressure points that help induce labor all around your ankle if you look up on line like pressure points to help induce labor it will show you. also walk walk walk.... so important . I wish you the best and congrats on your little one soon to come



answers from Phoenix on

I don't know if this did it but I walked literally all day to make myself go into labor because I was having the strong painless Braxton Hicks contractions. I walked around a track for hours. They kept sending me home due to "false labor." I talked into them admitting me in the hospital and I delivered two hours later.

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