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Updated on June 10, 2010
J.S. asks from Santa Rosa, CA
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Hi moms.
I am almost 38 weeks with my second child. I had some intense false labor 2 nights ago. I feel so ready to have this baby. My legs feel like they are going to fall off and my hips as if they are going to break. I get lots of braxton hicks and cramping. If I get false labor again I would like to just push it into real labor. Do any of you have an y suggestions? at 35 .5 weeks i was 50% effaced and a good 1cm.
Oh ps. with my first my water broke at 40 weeks and the contractions never really got going, so I was eventually induced. I dont really know what to expect if labor starts on its own.

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answers from Phoenix on

I kept having intense false labor so I began walking and walking a lot. I ended up having my baby in two hours all naturally. I walked all day around a track the day I had him.



answers from Austin on

lots of people try Castor oil with mixed success... some people say it works, others say that it was the worst thing they ever did and increased cramps, diarrhea, etc... try it if you dare!

try having sex (if your doc. approves)... even if it doesn't work, it might get your mind off the contractions a bit! ;)

My grandma told me to drink raspberry tea when my due date passed...didn't work for me but maybe for you...

when i was finally 1 week overdue i started climbing up and down the stairs to my apartment out of desperation... went into labor that night! (doc tried to induce me on my due date, but it didn't take...)



answers from San Francisco on

I know that "I AM SO DONE" feeling. I got to that point and just had a strong feeling that it was going to be in the next few days... so I took a good long walk to get things going. It worked! It was really hard to do because my legs and hips were killing me, but it was worth it. Good luck and enjoy your baby!



answers from San Francisco on

I am firm believer in letting the babies come when they are read if possible, I think it makes your labor easier and shorter. Walking and sex have worked for me in the past. You can also ask your doctor if he or she is willing to "strip your membranes." This is not painful and can help bring on labor.



answers from Sacramento on

Labour can be such a tricky thing to identifiy sometimes. It sounds like you may be in prodromal labour. Your body is already working on it. Avoid the Caster Oil, as it can stress the baby and can cause complications, like the baby releasing meconium before birth.

Rather, walking (I know it is miserable sometimes), sex (ejaculate is important), and the Raspberry teas someone reccomended are all great ideas. Ultimately though, your little one is going to decide when it is time.

Hang in there.



answers from San Francisco on

I really remember that feeling too-- DONE! Rest assured, labor will start soon!
"False" labor or prelabor contractions usually happen in the evening, when your adrenaline levels are highest. Real labor doesn't usually start at this time. Another indicator of true labor are erect nipples (from all the oxytocin in your system). With my 2nd baby, my prelabor contractions were just as real as the real thing, but never developed into a rhythm and never got progressively stronger.
Try these things to help it along, and to take your mind off the situation. It's always better to have something to do, rather than to just sit around being hyper-vigilant: try walking, have sex, gentlest yoga, or swimming with lots of slow breast stroke. You can also try massaging your inner thighs with some nice oil.
And don't forget to get lots of sleep!!!
Best of luck! You'll be holding your baby very soon!

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