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Rear Facing Car Seat Recommendations for a Bigger Boy

E.B. asks from Chicago

Our 5 1/2 month old is in the 90 and 95th percentiles for height and weight and will be out of his infant carrier by the end of the summer. We are starting to look in...


Time to Buy a Car Seat for My Growing Toddler - What Do You Recommend?

C.W. asks from Chicago

Hi - - - I would really value your input on car seats for toddlers. (Our little one is 18 months and will continue to sit 'rear facing'. She is just growing out of th...


Best Stroller and Car Seat for 1 Yr. Old

N.L. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, My daughter will be one in a few weeks, and I wanted to hear from all the moms about which stroller and car seat is best. She is almost grown out of her in...


Car Seat to Use After Airplane Travel

M.K. asks from New York

I will be traveling with my 5 month old baby in a couple weeks, visiting my family. We will be flying to our destination, but will be using car transportation once w...


Does Anyone Have a Sit 'N Stroll Car Seat Stroller

O.S. asks from New York

Ladies, I need to buy a car seat for my daughter she just turned 14 mo and still uses her infant seat as it can be used until she hits 30 lbs and 35 inches, I also wa...


My Little One HATES the Car Seat!

E.L. asks from Chicago

I need advice on helping my 11-week old daughter cope with the car seat. From the moment we put her in it she has a screaming fit! Often lasting upwards of an hour w...


Good Car Seat for Babysitter Without Spending a Fortune

B.S. asks from Portland

I am needing to purchase a car seat for our babysitter to use. We already have a convertible car seat for both of our cars, which is a small fortune in itself. Since...


Front-facing Car Seat That Is FAA Approved for Planes

C.M. asks from Los Angeles

hi Moms, In her first year my daughter has already ridden on several plane trips, but never in her own seat. she has just been in my lap each time. She's getting...


Graco Signature Series Car Seat Help Please

M.F. asks from Colorado Springs

We are going out of town and we aren't bringing the base to our car seat, can anyone explain how to strap this car seat into the back seat with a regular seat belt? ...


Need a Cab Ride from the Airport with a 3 Year Old - Car Seat?

M.T. asks from Minneapolis

Hi, we are planning a plane trip overseas. The only thing is that our flight bback will be arriving at our airport at 9pm, which means after immigration/customs, it ...