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Updated on November 13, 2009
E.B. asks from Amarillo, TX
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I am going on a 4 or 5 day trip with my three kids in 13 days. It is only to a city 4 hours away.
I have never taken any of my babies out of town this young before. My daughter is currently 6 weeks she will be two months old when we are on our way back. She has bad acid reflux and is on medication and gets very fussy and upset at times. She is on zantac and gas drops and doesnt spit up at all (the reflux stays in the throat but you can hear it coming up. and she is on enfamil lipil we tried other brands and she cant tolerate it she pukes it all right back up. And she had surgery at the age of 4 weeks for pyloric stynosis. But she is much better now!
Any suggestions on what to take, what not to take and take if you want some sanity left or nice to take must haves? Oh and we are driving and staying in a hotel.
Also, we will come home after this trip and then in two weeks afterwards we will be going on another trip (oldest daughters medical trip) to a city 12-13 hours away and we will be driving and traveling at night hopefully.
Any and all suggestions helpful thanks!

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answers from Kansas City on

I just went on a trip 4 hrs away with my 6 week old who also has reflux. It went GREAT. The motion of the car calms refluxy babies. Also, ask your Dr. for Zantac for babies, IT REALLY HELPS, my baby feels soooo much better now, and try slower flow nipples and a formula for refluxy babies like Infamil gentle ease. Stop to feed and BURP once during the trip. Hope this helps.

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answers from Phoenix on

Being in a carseat actually helped my daughter as she stayed elevated after a feeding. Burping her after every feeding will help too. Also, Nestle Good Start was very gentle on her tummy. good luck.



answers from Dallas on

Hello E.,

Have fun! you can google a couple of walmarts on the way there and the closest walmart / walgreen to where you'll be staying. that way if you need anything, you can go get it.
Good luck and enjoy your time away from home! ~C.~



answers from Chicago on

We borrowed a travel swing for my 3 month old dghtr. It worked out awesome for the hotel. Best wishes for your medical trip.

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