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Flying with Evenflo Triumph DLX

K.J. asks from Portland

We will be flying Southwest in a few weeks with our 2 year old and 8 month old. We plan to take our Evenflo Triumph DLX to use when we get there and to strap our 2 y...


Britax Boulevard, Marathon or Evenflo Symphony for Toddler?

R.S. asks from Seattle

Hi moms! My 2 year old son has gotten too big for our Evenflo Triumph XL Convertible. Plus we're expecting baby #2 and need a new car seat anyway. We're tyring ...


Best Car Seat for Long Road Trip

A.B. asks from Chicago

Hi moms, Can anyone recommend a good car seat that is comfortable for their toddler to sleep in on a long road trip. We have the Cosco Alpha Omega Elite Car Seat a...


Car Seat & Airplane Trip

C.K. asks from Chicago

My son and I will be traveling to Denver in a couple of weeks. He will have his own seat so I have to bring a car seat. I have a Britax. Do these things fit in the...


Car Driving

M.G. asks from Pittsburgh

My son hate to drive the car. He is seven month old. Do you have any advice?


Car Seat

S.H. asks from Detroit

Hi, My son is almost 10 months old and we need to buy a new car seat for him soon. He is very skinny (he's in then 20th percentile for weight) but very long (in t...


Car Seats

J.S. asks from Chicago

My 8 month old is almost at the 20 pound mark and old recommendations say that at 20 pounds you can use a forward facing car seat. My son hates his car seat right no...


Car Seat

A.J. asks from Columbia

I am the mother of an almost 4 month old little boy who has ALREADY outgrown his infant carseat. I am in need of a larger carseat but there are so many versions out t...


Convertible Car Seats

E.K. asks from Portland

My 5 month old son is starting to outgrow his infant car seat. We are looking for a convertible seat to last us a while. We expect our little boy will not be small ...



F.V. asks from Columbia

So I read all of your posts and there are still so many different choices. All I truly care about is making sure my twin girls are safe in a crash. I think I have n...