Car Rides & Road Trips: Infant, Melissa & Doug

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Car Trip with Just 1 Year Old

S.E. asks from Cleveland

I am taking a 4 hour car trip with my two boys, ages almost 4 and just turned 1. The big boy is easy. He colors and has a little computer and can keep happy just fi...


A Very Looong..... Road Trip!!

E.O. asks from Chicago

i need help taking this road trip with 3 very active kids.8,5,2 and 1/2!!!! i know its a bit late cos we r leaving on Monday! please give me some fresh,fresh ideas...


Christmas Shopping

K.H. asks from Phoenix

I have a lot of family members who are starting their Xmas shopping now and are asking me for ideas for my two kids. I've got some good ideas for my three year old gi...


Gift Ideas for a 6-y.o. Boy About to Go on a Long Road Trip?

T.T. asks from Washington DC

Hi, everyone - The son of a good friend of mine is turning 6. His family is about to go on a long road trip that will probably take about 18 hours each way. Whil...


Needing Suggestions and Advice for Make a Wish Trip to Walt Disney World

E.B. asks from Amarillo

My oldest daughter who will be 7.5 years old at the time we leave on this trip is getting a Make a wish trip from our home town in Texas to Disney World in Florida. ...


First Flight with Infant

E.A. asks from Austin

Next week, my husband and I will be flying for the first time with our 6-month old son. It's a direct flight, but it's not short. Do you have any tips or recommendati...


About to Take a 3 Hour Plane Trip with a 1Yr old--HELP! Need Ideas!!

A.D. asks from Dallas

This summer we will be taking a 3 hour plane trip with a recently turned One year old. Please help me with suggestions on how to occupy her. I've already set aside so...


Activities for a LOOOOONG Car Ride.....

H.L. asks from Reading

hey ladies... This summer my husband and I are driving to WI to visit family. We have an almost 2 year old and a 7 month old. Does anyone have any ideas for keep...


Coast to Coast Plane Trip with a 2 Year Old! AAAAAGH!!!!

J.L. asks from Sacramento

I'm so excited, we are attending my Grandma's 100th Birthday back east next month. This will also double as a family reunion of sorts, so I'm extra excited for my fam...


Ours Was the Only One Acting Out in This Fashion- Sitting Still Suggestions??

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas - I know it is bad practice to compare kids, but at a christening party we attended this weekend, it was pretty conspicuous that ours was the only o...