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What Toddler Car Seat to Buy?

I'm almost ready to move my baby girl from her infant car seat into the convertible car seat that we have. However, I need to buy a toddler seat for my son first (he's using the convertible car seat). My son is 2 and weighs 30 lbs. Anyone know which toddler seats are the best?

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Evenflo Titan - Difficulty Tightening Straps

Does anyone else have the Evenflo Titan carseat? We recently switched to this carseat when our son outgrew the infant carseat. We have an awful time tightening the straps. Is it just us? I'd love to hear other experiences with these seats. We have 2 (one for us and one for the sitter) and I hate them both. I am thinking of returning one, if I can and selling the other because it's too late to return it. For those who have a Britax, how easy is it to tighten the straps and is the fit good? We might have to shell out the extra money to...


Infant Car Seat

Hey, just wondering what infant car seats you mommas recommend for our new...

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Best Umbrella Stroller for Travel?

Hi ladies, Our family is taking a trip to Cancun in April, and I'm looking for a good lightweight umbrella stroller to travel with. We currently use a heavy Graco Quattro tour stroller that would be a pain in the neck on buses and in taxis. However, I definitely need something better than the standard $20 umbrella stroller, because my husband and I are both very tall. I've heard great things about the Maclaren Triumph, but I'd prefer not to spend more than $100. Does anyone know anything about the Chicco C5 or C6, the Graco IPO,...


Infant Car Seat

I have been shopping around for a new Infant Car Seat for my daughter due in...

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Britax Boulevard? Evenflo Triumph Advance? Anyone?

I'm car seat shopping for my little guy. He's only three months right now but he's getting pretty heavy in his infant carrier. I bought the Evenflo Triumph Advance but now that I have it out of the box and see how massively huge it is I am having second thoughts. Britax has such a good reputation that I am considering taking the Triumph back and paying (double!) the extra money for the Britax. I am looking at the Boulevard because the harness is adjustable without rethreading. Please tell me your experience with either of these or if...


Infant Car Seat

Hey, just wondering what infant car seats you mommas recommend for our new...