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Britax Car Seat Questions

J.V. asks from Dallas

I had asked about the best car seat for my infant and word across the board is Britax. Here is my next question ... will this car seat fit into a Hyundai Tucson? AN...


Britax Advocate Vs. Britax Marathon - Convertable Car Seat

S.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hi. I just bought 2 britax advocate convertable car seats for my twins. They arrived at the house and they are HUGE! I am so worried that they wont fit in our mini va...


Britax Marathon vs Britax Boulevard

S.M. asks from Phoenix

I am getting ready to buy a new car seat for my baby and I am going to get a britax. The only problem that I am having is that I cannot decide between the marathon an...


Britax Car Seat? Car Seat for Air Travel?

L.B. asks from Fort Wayne

Hi ladies, we are in the process of looking for a new car seat for one of our cars. I read a request and lots of responses a couple days ago about reviews of converti...


Infant Sleeping in Car Seat

L.L. asks from Washington DC

15 month old will not sleep in his car seat. Small for his age, he is still in infant seat. He 'never' has fallen asleep in car seat. He will cry until we get to dest...


Moving from Infant Carrier to Convertible Car Seat

L.G. asks from Minneapolis

Our daughter is 10 months old now and getting too big to carry in her infant car seat. So, we need to buy a new car seat. We will have to buy two car seats, because I...


Car Seat & Airplane Trip

C.K. asks from Chicago

My son and I will be traveling to Denver in a couple of weeks. He will have his own seat so I have to bring a car seat. I have a Britax. Do these things fit in the...


Britax Marathon Car Seat Fit in United Airline Planes?

J.B. asks from Washington DC

Has anyone flown with united and brought there britax marathon car seat on board? I would like to have it rear facing, but doesn't that mean the person who sits in fr...


Fitting a Britax Marathon in Purchased Flight Seat

J.S. asks from Pittsburgh

We are flying next week (on a 777) and have purchased a seat for our 19 month daughter (8 hr flight). I'm planning to buckle her into the Britax Marathon car seat, b...


Beyond Infant Car Seats

J.B. asks from San Diego

So my LO is ready for the next stage of car seat. I am interested in the Britax Frontier and Graco Nautilus. Any thoughs? I travel a lot with the llittle guy and t...