Taking a 16 Hour Trip by Car

Updated on April 05, 2009
J.R. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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Hello Everyone,
I'll be taking a 16 hour trip by car to East Texas in about 2 weeks and I have two small girls who will be traveling with me. The oldest is 4 years old and the smallest is 2 1/2 years old. I was wondering if any one had any ideas on how to keep them busy through out the trip. Ive got movies and some car games but I was wondering if anyone had any fun ideas for them. Please help since my littlest one is so impatient. Thanks in Advance!

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Check out momsminivan.com. It is packed with ideas!

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We take many long road trips all over the country, but we usually stop every 1-1/2 to 2 hours to let our 4-year-old boy run around, even if it's just in a convenience store. To keep him busy in the car, we bring a Magnadoodle, a travel Aquadoodle, a selection of cars, things like his little dinosaurs, a wooden maze puzzle where the pieces don't fall out, and for after dark travel, toys that light up! Most importantly, we have this plastic tray with an edge around so he can set up his toys without them falling on the floor right away - works great for putting food on too. Have fun on your trip!

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Hi there--I did a trip like that alone with my 2.5 year old last year. My best advice is if you are stopping for meals, stop at places like McDonalds that have the play places, so they can get their energy out during those times. She did great with movies and a TON of toys, so she could change ehr midn every twenty mintues and still have enough to keep her occupied for the trip.

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When we traveled by car my kids loved playing with window stickers. The removable plastic kind that you can peel and stick again.

I know I saw some Easter themed ones in the stores lately, but we always found Dinosaur, shapes or fairies.

This provided hours of entertainment.

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