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Updated on March 24, 2011
A.R. asks from Keller, TX
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Taking my kids to visit my Mom in Palm Springs this summer and we're planning to spend a couple days in Hollywood and a couple days in LA. Not planning to do any theme parks, so don't need Disney/Universal studios advice; but could use help with just about everything else!

What are the must see things to do with the kids in Hollywood & LA, ages 7 & 9? Is there a good studio tour we should take? Where are good areas to stay with kiddos in/near Hollywood? I've searched a bit on hotels and most of the reasonable ones (<$150/nt) don't look to be in very good areas of town.

For our beach leg of the trip what are the must see tihngs in LA? What beaches/hotels do you recommend?

Thanks Mama's! I grew up in NoCal and live in TX now, I know nothing about SoCal!

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answers from Appleton on

The Queen Mary in Long Beach
La Brea Tar Pits
Hollywood and Vine (Hollywood walk of Fame)
Mann's Chinese Theater

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answers from Los Angeles on

I'm not an L.A. expert especially with kids in tow, but the Getti art museaum is free and a beautiful! I also love the L.A. arboretum. There is also the observatory. I suggest stearing clear of the walk of fame, its really ghetto. The farmers market for yummy food or ice cream. or see a taping of a game show of something else kid oriented.

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answers from Minneapolis on

The Warner Brothers Studio tour is really fun. A good part of it does focus on movies/tv before the kids time, but if they like movies/tv, they will enjoy it overall, and the fun little tram ride. They have a costume museum in the middle of the tour that I think most kids would really enjoy. I wanted to try the Paramount studio tour too, but we ran out of time. The LaBrea tar pits is a pretty interesting museum for kids in the middle of LA.

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answers from Dallas on

I grew up in San Diego and lived in Orange County for many years.

With a 7 and 9 year old I'd avoid the Getty(unless your kids are artists and quite academic), and Hollywood Blvd- it's quite dirty and would be anti-climatic- I wouldn't take my kids to Hollywood until they were teens. Overall- Hollywood is a bad part of town, and LA is a bit mature for kids that age.

You're going to have the most fun at the beach. If your heart is set on LA, stick to Santa Monica Pier. If you're open to going south -stay in Carlsbad, you'd be near the beach, there's flower fields, outlet malls, San Diego has Sea Port Villiage, the San Diego Zoo, Flower Fields, the Aircraft Carrier (which has tours far more interesting than the Ghetty for kids)



answers from Dallas on

Venice beach always makes for some good laughs with all the crazy people!



answers from San Francisco on

so funny..I just asked a very similar question!



answers from Eugene on

Getty Museum, not only great art but the grounds are lovely. Griffith Park observatory, from there you can take a walk up the trail to an observation point. My boys llike the Natural History Museum, too. The Zoo is fun but not that great compared to San Diego.

For beaches, we like Cabrillo near Long Beach. There is a free, small funky aquarium there, and restrooms. They all share a large parking lot with a low hourly fee.

There is the "real" aquarium in Long Beach, too. You might also check to see what's playing at the Music Center/Disney Concert Hall.

The only hotel I've stayed at in LA is the Bonaventure. It used to be nice, but it's been a long time since I've been.

Santa Monica has a nice beach and a few blocks away is 3rd St. Promenade, a pedestrian only street with lots of fun shops and places to eat. Park in one of the parking garages, there are several within a few blocks and they have signs at the entrance telling you how many empty spaces inside.

My favorite beach in Southern Cal is Doheny Beach in Orange County. It's clean, has restrooms and "next door", Dana Pt. Harbor nearby has shops and places to eat. There are also some good, well-priced hotels and condos nearby.

I usually read TripAdvisor when looking for hotels. Alot of the reviews include information on the safety of the surrounding area.



answers from Dallas on

Rent a car!

We recently moved from just north of LA (Ventura County). Hollywood can be a little strange for kids, as well as adults. If you go to the Hollywood Walk of Fame where the stars on the ground are, be prepared! There are quite a few characters out there. If you take a picture with them (Elmo, Superman, the Snake man, etc.), be prepared to hand them a dollar or two. Just along the walk of fame is Ripley's, The Wax Museum, Guinness World Book of Records. There is also theaters such as Kodak. I believe behind/through Kodak is an open air type mall. They have a really fun water spout fountain that kids love to run through. There is also the Hollywood Sign to see. There is Griffith Observatory and Planetarium. There is also Mann's Chinese Theater. La Brea Tar Pits. Drive through Beverly Hills - very cool homes!

As far as beaches you always have Point Dume and Zuma beach in Malibu. If you are willing to drive north Santa Barbara is beautiful! If you drive south you could visit the Long Beach Aquarium and the Queen Mary. If you visit the Queen Mary, I do not recommend the Ghost Tour for the kids. Santa Monica Pier is cool but crowded.

Hotels are all over. There is the Sheraton Universal Hotel and the Hilton Universal City. If you stay there you do not have to go into Universal (although it is fun), but they have the City Walk filled with restaurants and touristy things.

I hope these ideas add to you fun filled trip!



answers from Tyler on

Isn't that Legoland in LA? With a 7 and 9 year old, I would try that.

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I am not a fan of the hotel options in the la area ( I am californian) I would rent a house or apt instead. You can try

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