Boarding Pets: Toddler

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My Pet Is Going to Be Boarded for 5 Days

M.C. asks from Wichita Falls

My son is on an internship this summer and we have his 90 lb. boxer/lab mix whom we love dearly. She has to be boarded at the vets in a few days. Any suggestions on...


How to Teach an 18 Month Old

M.T. asks from Nashville

I recently went to a restaurant where a little girl (same age as my little girl, 18 to 19 months) was there with her parents. I started talking to the parents and of ...


Toys for 18 Month Old

B.B. asks from Davenport

Does anyone know of attention holding toys for 18 month olds? My daughter does not seem to be interested in ANY of her toys (and she is not lacking too much). She lik...


Helping 21 Month Old Stay Asleep

J.J. asks from Pittsburgh

I have a 21 month old son and have been having some trouble with his sleeping patterns. I am completely against the Ferber method for him and have chosen not to let ...


Flying with a 15 Month Old?

J.L. asks from Rochester

I am about to fly with my 15 month old son by myself and I have been told that I should give him some Benadryl to help him sleep on the flight. I am not sure if I sh...


What Is Wrong with Nursing a 14 Month Old????

R.S. asks from Chicago

I've been picking up vibes from others that it's time to be done with nursing my 14 month old. Mostly from familymembers who think that so long as I nurse, I won't ge...


17 Month Old Still Not Speaking

S.G. asks from Richmond

My 17 month daughter is still not speaking...she babbles off and on throughout the day - but does not talk. Any suggestions?


13 Month Old Doesn't Talk Much

C.G. asks from Buffalo

Hi, Being a first time I am getting concerned about the speech of my nearly 13 month old boy. He had uttered around 5 words when he was 10 months old and then stop...


SMART Boards

E.T. asks from Dallas

My daughter loves the SMART boards at school and always comes home and plays "teacher." She has a chalk board and a dry erase board but I was wondering if there were...


20 Month Old Son Still Sleeping in Our Bed...

M.G. asks from Atlanta

I know I may get some real honest opinions on here but maybe thats what I need. Our son has basically slept with us since the day he came home from the hospital-with ...