Boarding Pets: Toddler, The First Years

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Safety Gate: Safety 1St Perfect Fit or the First Years Everwhere Gate

J.S. asks from Pittsburgh

I'm buying a gate to go into my daughter's bedroom door, as we're moving her into a bed in the next couple weeks and I want to "gate" her door. I want it to be pres...


19 Month Old Only Using a Few Words and Babbling at Times

K.C. asks from Las Vegas

Hello Moms- My 19 month old son speaks about 8 to 10 words at this point and the rest is babbling. Even the words he does say are a little unclear. The doctor was c...


19 Month Old Not Talking in English

R.C. asks from Lubbock

I have a 19 month old little boy and he is only saying dad and car. He speaks in his own language nothing that I can understand. We read books and I try to point ou...


Should I Buy a Airplane Seat for My 17 Month Old??

A.T. asks from Austin

My husband and I will be traveling on a four hour plane ride with our 17 month old. Should we take the chance with not buying a seat, and hope there is an open seat ...


17 Month Old Still Not Speaking

S.G. asks from Richmond

My 17 month daughter is still not speaking...she babbles off and on throughout the day - but does not talk. Any suggestions?


20 Month Old Son Still Sleeping in Our Bed...

M.G. asks from Atlanta

I know I may get some real honest opinions on here but maybe thats what I need. Our son has basically slept with us since the day he came home from the hospital-with ...


20 Month Old Not Talking

K.H. asks from Tampa

My daughter is 20 months and doesn't talk. She says no, mama, uh oh, and thats pretty much it. She completely understands simple directions and tasks, and nods her ...


Leaving 19 Month Old for 4 Nights, Need Advice

A.M. asks from Bellingham

My husband and I are planning a vacation, without our 19 month old order to work on baby #2 (: I have wonderful parents, whom he loves, who have watched him...


17 Month Old Hates Her High Chair

D.S. asks from Chicago

Help, mommies. My 17 month old little girl suddenly hates sitting in her high chair. She does the full body throw/stiff board in order to avoid being put in her cha...


Shouldn't a 18 Month Old Sleep Through the Night?

V.D. asks from Salt Lake City

Ever since my 18 month old daughter started eating baby food it's been a nightmare to feed her. Now that she's 18 months old and she had 12 teeth I can't find anythi...