Can Anyone Reccommend a Boarding Kennel Located Within Delaware County?

Updated on September 21, 2008
L.N. asks from Wallingford, PA
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I am looking for a nice, caring boarding/kennel for our 2 dogs. I am going away for a weekend for a wedding out of state this weekend and my doggie sitter has backed out on us at the last minute. My dogs have never been put into an overnight kennel before. We have always been lucky enough to have a family member stay the night whenever we needed someone. However, this time everyone who we normally count on is unavailable. Our dogs (a chocolate lab and brussels griffon) are very close and look after the other and I don't want them to be separated at a kennel. At home they sleep together, eat together, play together, etc.... I am wondering if anyone can reccommend somewhere that they trust to be a loving, caring experience for them. I am located near media, pa. thank you.

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So What Happened?

Hello, I ended up making reservations at the vet hospital/kennel I take them to normally for all of their check ups and things. They will not be boarded together, However, I was told that they would take them for walks together , three times a day, and also have them interact in the one of the rooms during their stay. I am anxious at how they will be when I pick them up but what is very comforting is that the staff know them very well there. The doctors and staff have their history and if there are any problems they are in the best spot to be in. So, I will update after I return and pick them up. Thank you for the names of other locations. I will check out the petsmart hotel in springfield and Sharon, I would be interested in getting the "girls best friend sitters" number for future travels.

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You should call the Petsmart Pet Hotel on Baltimore Pike in Springfield. I board our Lab there and they are wonderful It is a very nice facility and you can board your dogs together. The price is pretty reasonable too. It's not like your typical kennel, they have it set up to look like a real hotel lobby when you get there and the "rooms" as they call them(kennel runs) are very nice and spacious.



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Hi L.

I know a very reliable at home pet care service if you are interested in that. " Girls Best Friend Pet Sitters" They do all of our pet sitting and we have known the family for years from our church. I can get you their number if you are interested. Just send me a message. I have to call my mother for the number, I am terrible with keeping numbers handy...



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I just used the Petshotel at the Petsmart on Baltimore Pike, and have nothing but great things to say about them!!! They will board your dogs together (and charge less for dog #2), and they seem WAY more caring than any other place I've looked for boarding. You can also buy extra playtime, either group or individual, and extra treat time, etc. Overall, it was a really great experience and I'd feel 100% confident boarding my dog there again.



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I haven't used any kennels in DE county, but I know that Petsmart just opened a PetsHotel. They are staffed 24 hrs/7 days per week and all staff are trained to care for your pets. It would at least be worth looking at.

I've used Good Spice Kennels which is out towards Lancaster and I was happy with it. It's a smaller operation. I've heard other people have had flea problems with them - I just treated the dog with Frontline 24 hours before I dropped her off and I never had a problem.

I've also heard good things about Rainbow Kennel in Newark, DE.

I've not heard good things about Stuart's pet hotel, I think i'ts called Best Friends, on Rt. 202 at the PA/DE state line. I also found them to be very expensive when I called for quotes.

Good Luck.


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