New Dog Owner - Seeking Good Vet and Also Groomer and Kennel

Updated on July 16, 2006
G.B. asks from Spring, TX
4 answers

I have recently adopted a Bichon Frise and I'm looking for a reputable groomer and kennel for her in Spring. If anyone has had experience and is happy with whom they use, please share your information.

Thanks, G.

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Well, I saw this request a little too late, but I am a pet sitter. I was a vet tech when I was in college, and last year I partnered up with my best friend in The Woodlands in her pet sitting business. (she has been at it for 10 years!) anyhow, we are call The Furry Godmothers, and we don't advertise, word of mouth seems to take care of that. Let me know if you still need someone! I live in Windrose (2920 and Kuykendahl)

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dogs day out in Humble groomer Roxannn Skelton the board as well ###-###-####



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Hi G.,

My name is L.. I do pet sitting. Or if you like the idea of a kennel I use to work for a clinic and have heard a lot of good things about Prestonwood kennels. I'm not sure how close you are to it. It is close to Cypresswood and Cutten. Not too far from 249. There is also a great groomer that is located in the 249 Animal Clinic. It is located at 249 and Louetta. There number is ###-###-####. I some times help her out and Bathe the dogs for her. She is great and my dogs look great.

Thanks L.
Hope this was great help to you.



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there is a dr ross in humble that is very good 281- 446--1944

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