Looking for a Nice Place to Board My Dog...

Updated on May 11, 2007
A.H. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I have a 1 and a half year old goldendoodle and I am considering boarding him for the first time for a 4 day weekend... Any recommendations for a nice caring place to board him? Or should I use a pet sitter? I would prefer a boarding place that takes him outside/grass area versus a 100% indoor facility.... Not as concerned about price as I am quality of care and personnel.... thanks from a nervous doggy mom!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone! I am going to look into Kennel Kare today and keep the others as great backup recommendations.. any suggestions for a good dog trainer near Keller? We have tried Petsmart's program and though affordable not impressed with the information or interaction. Would like to find someone to come to my home! Thanks again!!

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What area are you in?



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A. - I have a great dogsitter. She LOVES animals, and is very reasonable. A little more than boarding them - but at least they are at home and comfortable.

Toni Freed - ###-###-####

Tell her that J. (and Charlie the Cocker Spaniel) referred you.

I promise you won't have to worry about a THING!!




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You didn't say what part of the metroplex you are looking in, but Dogs Unleashed in Keller is AWESOME. I volunteer with a boxer rescue and we use them quite frequently when fosters need to go out of town. That is our favorite place. Let me know if you are on the east end of the metroplex, as I can recommend a place over there too :)



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Hi A.!

We have three furry kids at our house :) We take them to Kennel Kare in Roanoke when we go out of town. It is a wonderful place and clean place to board them.



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A. - we use Pet Stay and Play in Carrollton. www.petstayandplay.com. We are really happy with it - we have two dogs and we book a "suite" so they can stay together - there are playgrounds and the owner - Benny - must be insane because I don't know how he has the energy for the dogs!

this also functions as a doggie daycare, so it really is all about dogs. I consider my dogs my kids, so I have never boarded them somewhere with crates, I just can't do it (I know...they're dogs...) so I was very happy to find this place as they've got big rooms for dogs instead of crates (only a few - so you have to reserve early)

It's pretty easy access from I-35 - kinda tucked back in the industrial section right off Beltline. Go and take a tour - I had previously only done in-home sitting and then I toured here and felt instantly okay with it.

I completely understand the nervous part. I still feel guilt when I do it. I don't have a recommendation for pet sitter, as mine no longer does it, but I know there was a post on here just a day or so ago for pet sitting.

Good luck!




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I have used Kennel Kare in Roanoke. They have an indoor outdoor run facility. I was very impressed. They were less expensive than Man's Best Friend (who I would highly reccomend for training). Man's Best Friend is pretty expensive. But we were always happy with their service as well.

As much as I always wanted to have someone come in, they can not be there as much as if they are at the kennel and I know my babies would get lonely.

Hope that helps,

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