Family Pets: Toddler

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Guinea Pig or Hamster?

Ever since my 6 year old daughter visited my sister and fell in love with her chihuahua, she has longed for a dog she can have on her lap and carry around. She begs for one almost daily. We already have a dog (an older, grumpy border collie who's definitely not a cuddler), and often have my mom's dog over here due to her health problems. Hubby has refused to consent to another dog. So the compromise is either a guinea pig or hamster. Which is more tame/affectionate/cuddly, and is one "easier" than the other? I'm fully aware that I'll be...


Guinea Pig as a Pet

I have an opportunity to get a guinea pig for my kids, but have a few...

Boarding Pets

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Seeking Nice Place to Board Our Dog

Hello all, We are looking for a place to board our dog for a week, so I am looking for feedback on places you may have used. We live in Auroa, so something close to that would be preferable. Also, we have never boarded our dog before, so if anybody can give me a ballpark on costs for boarding, I would appreciate it!! Thanks, D.

Death of a Pet

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Sisters Dog Being Put to Sleep

Hello All, My sister's dog is getting put to sleep next week and I'm wondering what if anything I should tell my 4 year old? My sister watches both of my girls while my husband and I are working so they know the dog very well, I know the 2 year old won't underdstand so I'm not even going there w/her but the 4 year old asks lots of questions already and I know she is going to pick up on something. My sister has an 8 yr old & 11 yr old who are going to be very upset and I want to try and keep my daughter from upsetting them anymore than...


The Death of a Pet

How do you tell children that their pet(cat) is child is 5...

Dog Training

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19 Month Old Ready to Potty Train?

while getting ready for my wedding on friday my 19 month old climbed the potty and sat there.... the past week or so she has been taking off her diaper every time she is wet. i cleaned up her sisters old potty and put it out... she explored it a bit and sat on it and tried to go(she was wearing a dress and got it on her) today i let her run around most of the say with out a diaper on she peed on the floor several times (which is not a big deal) but how do i get a child this young to understand when to go? do you think shes just to young?...


Dog or Not?

Hi moms, Been trying to get a dog for my daughter. To be her best friend...

Exotic Pets

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Do You Have a Rat as a Pet?

If so do you find it to be a lot of work? Do you find it to be a good pet for young children 6 and under? We have thought about this a lot and know that we cannot/do not want to get a cat or a dog. We have done fish but just are not that fun for children or adult's LOL. We think that having a Rat or a couple of the 3-4" max length rats would be a good choice but want to hear the good/bad about it. also I think that a hamster is to "squishy" for young children so I don't think we will do that. How much do you spend roughly a month on a rat?...


Getting a Pet

Hi All, My eight year old has been wanting a pet for a long time now, and...

Housebreaking Dogs

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Housebreaking Tips for a 3 Year Old Dog

ok so hears the story. We have adopted a 3 year old german shepard. I dont think she was abused, but I believe she was very much neglected. She was in a kennel pretty much her whole life and is very skiddish and scared of everything. We've had her for 2 weeks (the previous owners only had her for 2 months and they couldn't keep her because they had a dog themselves and the 2 did not get along) she is a very sweet dog and so gentle but 1 problem....she needs some work on the housebreaking. For the most part she goes outside. We havn't...

Pets with Children

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What to Do About Pet

I have always felt like pets are a life time commitment. yet i am finding myself in a tough situation. This is the first time i have ever been faced with trying to deal with something like this and am very very upset. I adopted a cat 3 years ago. he has never been friendly, it doesn't even feel as though he is a pet. We have left him before for an overnight on a weekend with extra food and water and he has been fine. Last month we did the same and came home to cat urnine in the upstairs hall. thinking it might be a different kind...


Toddler and Dog

I need some suggestions. My toddler gets very exctied around our ten year...


My Son's Pet

I recently found my son's pet cat dead on the highway he thinks Waffles ran...


Dog for Toddler?

I am a single dad, who has his beloved son (almost 2.5 years of age) with...


The Perfect Pet

I am in search of the perfect pet for my soon to be 7 year old daughter. ...

Traveling with Pets

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Weekend Getaway That's Baby-friendly and Dog-friendly?

My husband and I were huge travelers before our daughter came along, and we don't want to completely sacrifice this love of ours! We're a bit nervous about it, but we want to take our first trip with our infant daughter in late December or early January. We'd like to bring our well-behaved dog along as well. Does anyone have any lodging recommendations that are both baby-friendly and dog-friendly? We prefer heading north (wine country, Mendocino) or south (Carmel, Big Sur or maybe even as far as Santa Barbara). Driving time under 4...


My Son's Pet

I recently found my son's pet cat dead on the highway he thinks Waffles ran...

Vets & Animal Hospitals

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Ever Use a Stuffed Animal Hospital?

My 4 year old son has a LeapFrog My Pal Scout (electronic stuffed animal) that he is in love with - I mean undying "together forever" type of love. We bought a second one because the germs and dirt on the first one probably have created a new strand of bacteria that could wipe out mankind. We want to keep the first one because that was the original but I want to have it cleaned and back to its original glory. I have found a few stuffed animal hospitals ( (


New Vet Needed!

I just can't go to the Falls Road Animal Hospital anymore. they are so...