My Pet Is Going to Be Boarded for 5 Days

Updated on June 04, 2008
M.C. asks from Wichita Falls, TX
8 answers

My son is on an internship this summer and we have his 90 lb. boxer/lab mix whom we love dearly. She has to be boarded at the vets in a few days. Any suggestions on what I should take with her? Should I take her food? She doesn't have any special toys. Thank you!

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answers from Tyler on

We always pack some old sheets/blankets/towels something you can throw away once you pick the dog up but will make his boarding nest a little more comfortable. And most importantly, take an old tshirt or something that has the scent of his family on it, I always sleep in an old shirt the night before so the scent is strong. Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

Yes you should take her food and any dog beds or blankets she might sleep with.
I'm not sure if there is much more you can bring if she doesn't have any special toys but just bring anything she's close to.
Good luck with everything.



answers from Dallas on

Yes take her food. You don't want her tummy upset by a change in food. Ask about taking her bedding. Some places won't allow you to take your own bedding for sanitary reasons. Some will allow anything, others just a small blanket or towel. Definitely try to send something with the scent of home on it though.



answers from Wichita Falls on

If your dog has a blanket or pillow that she sleeps on, take that with her. In the past we have done that with our dog and then sprayed a little of my husband's cologne or mine on it so that she could have something that smelled like us. They say it is comforting for them to have something that smells familiar. If your dog does not have a blanket or pillow, you could always just send a towel with your cologne on it. Just something to put in the kennel with her. As for her food, call and see if they would like you to bring it. You can also ask at that time if and what you can bring with her. Some kennels have restrictions. Good luck! I know it is hard to board your animals while you are gone!!



answers from Lubbock on

I worked at a vet clinic for 3 years.I can tell you it makes a difference when you bring stuff.Most of the time they will put it in the cage also.Blankets are great because the floors are concrete and cold.Food is the most important unless the vet feeds the same kind of food you do.You can ask what kind of food they feed.If it is different from the food you feed then I would definitly bring your own cause switching foods can give your dog diareahea(how ever you spell it).Just dont bring anything that you are too attached to cause it can get missplaced.



answers from Dallas on

I agree, take a toy and blanket, if possible. Some dogs get very stressed in those environments. Another option is pet sitting, which is far more reasonably priced than I thought. I know a couple of people who offer those services full time. If you're interested, I can get contact info. Best of luck!



answers from Dallas on

Son or someone your pet loves wear a old t shirt or sleep in an old t shirt, etc. and leave it with him in his crate so he can smell your scent. It may make him feel more comfortable.



answers from Dallas on

I know that at any boarding place you may take their food but you need to check with the boarding place to see if you are allowed to take toys, blankets...etc! Most places say no to blankets cause some dogs go into stress mode when their owner leaves them and can cause them to tear things up in their cage. Which can make the dog real sick!! I am not trying to scare you, as we have got 2 dogs and a cat, and have had our pets boarded A LOT!! Never had any problems. I always board my dogs with the veternarian that we go to, so that way if anything does happen, the vet knows our dogs. Good luck to you and yours truley, but dont worry everything will be great.

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