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Need Air Travel Tips for Traveling with 4 Year Old

S.H. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are traveling to Washington D.C. with our 4 year old daughter to see his mother for Thanksgiving. I haven't flown since '94 and this is my daughter'...


Birthday Present for 4 Yo Girl

J.T. asks from Merced

Hi, I'm in the midst of trying to find a present for my friend's daughter who will be turning 4 years old this summer. Her daughter loves dresses, princesses, barbi...


4 Year Old Acting up in Daycare-just Started, Please HELP!!!

A.L. asks from Austin

My four year old is just now starting to act up at daycare. He has been going to the same daycare since he was two years old. He has had transition problems (changi...


Flying with 4 Year Old for the 1St Time

J.W. asks from Peoria

In a few days my daughter and I will be flying out on vacation. She has never flown before. I have a backpack set up with toys that she picked out. Any other sugge...


What to Do with the Piles and Piles of School Artwork?!

N.C. asks from Tucson

I'm desperately trying to get a handle on the chaos in my house that has gotten out of hand since my fourth baby was born in September. I am able to organize most th...


Advice for a Long Car Trip with 2 Kids

A.V. asks from Duluth

I am looking for any advice or suggestions for taking a long car trip with a 2 year old and almost 4 year old. My husband and I are planning a trip for a family reuni...


Help with Good Behavior in Public...

H.J. asks from Salt Lake City

We go to church on Sundays and there is a 1 hour block that we need the children to be more reverent. I am at a lost there are 3 so I usually end up with the baby and...


Occupying Young Kids on a Long Flight

K.O. asks from San Diego

Next month our family will bw moving to Korea. This will involve a 13 hour flight. Though I've managed flights with with my kid before, never one this long. I'm looki...


Lessons for 4 Yr Old to Prep for Kindergarten

C.S. asks from Albuquerque

This school year my 4 yr old son will be home, so I want to try to homeschool him. I was wondering if anyone has done this and how. Also, do any of you have suggestio...


What Are You Doing with Your Kids This summer.....ideas Needed !!!!

D.C. asks from Dallas

I'm in desperate need of activities to do with my 9 and 3 year old. I've planned movie theater visits (Toy Story 3, Marmaduke, Shrek) and a visit to the Zoo. We...