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Husband Wants to Adopt My Daughter... AZ

R.M. asks from Phoenix

I have been with my husband for quite a while and we are almost 2 years married. He's been wanting to adopt my daughter, however I don't know what the law is for AZ. ...


Experience with Open Adoption Process????

H.T. asks from Boston

Hello! I have an interesting request/situation. I currently have a student who is pregnant and planning on giving her baby up for adoption, but is looking to have a...


Input on Adoption Agency

A.G. asks from Chicago

Hi, Friend of mine is looking to adopt. He started working with one agency and I just fell backwards seeing the fees that they drop on you to try to help a child out...


Can My Father Adopt My Son. Unknown of Birth Certificate?

L.L. asks from Phoenix

My father has raise my son and wants to adopt him. The father is unknown.. I am not giving my rights up though. Is this possible? I know it sounds weird


My Future Husband Wants to Adopt My Son

A.B. asks from Chicago

My son's biological father has not been in the picture since I was 3 months pregnant, his name is not on the birth certificate. I've been with my boyfriend since my s...


Adoption Process Experience

A.C. asks from Washington DC

My husband and I just started researching adoption and could use some help. If you adopted your child(ren) and would recomend an agency please let us know. We are int...


Mom Seeking Adoption Advice

N.B. asks from Chicago

Hi my name is N. and I am the mom of a very active 2 1/2 year old boy.Me and my husband are in the process of beginning an adoption.Does anyone have any helpful advic...


International Adoption Spanish/Latino Heritage

W.L. asks from Richland

For various reasons, medical and personal, my husband and I have made the decision to go the adoption route instead of trying to have biological children. My husband ...


Looking to Become Parents Through Adoption

L.W. asks from Tampa

My son is six years old and asks everyday for a sibling and I feel so bad. I have recently put him in soccer to try and help him meet friends. We have been told by do...


Has Anyone Considered Adoption?

H.H. asks from Wilmington

Just wondering if anyone has considered adopting another child or if you have gone thru the adoption process? My husband "prefers" for us to adopt our second child (...