Infant Grunting

Updated on March 14, 2009
M.F. asks from Fairfield, CA
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my son is 1 month old and i've noticed that he grunts alot! it will happen anytime throughout the day from while he's sleeping to when i'm feeding him. the worst time is when i breastfeed him and he does it and also pulls away from my breast still lached on! YIKES!!! is this normal? i was thinking it could be gas?! but i'm not sure! we are also using formula every now and then and have gone to enfamil formula for gassy and colicy babies, so far he is still fussy at times, i'm begining to think he's not colicy then! i've tried burping him for a long time after he feeds but it seems he's burped enough! so i'm not sure what else it could be! please help!

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for your responses!! now i don't feel so worried about him is actually very husband and i call him a lil lamb or billy goat when he grunts..but it's not cute when i'm breastfeeding because he will pull at my nipple and it hurts so much! i did figure out eventually that he pulls because the flow of the milk isn't what he wants it to be, fast! haha..oh well...guess now that's my que to switch to the other side! i have to record this grunting on tape, because if this ever goes away and i tell him about it one day, he won't believe i'll have to record it..also for me, so i can remember him this way! =)

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My daughter was a grunter too. Between my husbands snores and her sounded like Old MacDonalds Farm in our room at night! It's totally normal, and you'll actually miss it when it's gone.

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When my baby was newborn, the pediatrician even asked me if he grunted a lot. I didn't even bring it up to her. She said it was very normal. It will stop soon.

As for the pulling on your breast while still latched on, my son did this also. I feel like he did (and still does) it once the flow of milk slowed down or decreased.




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It's totally NORMAL! My baby grunted so loudly when he slept that he woke up my husband who is a loud snorer. He would grunt when he eats just like your baby. I thought I would lose my mind in the middle of the night. Our daughter didn't do that so we were so stunned. We even taped him for the ped and brought it to his checkup. LOL!! Our ped said it was totally normal. I've heard that from so many moms. Don't worry about it if he shows no other sign of distress. It passes by about the 3 month mark. Now we miss it. We saved the tapes - LOL! Enjoy it.


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Your post made me laugh because my younger daughter did this!! She still does and she is almost 4! In a way, it was sort of a relief because my older daughter was so quiet when she slept that I was always getting up to make sure she was still breathing. Well, with my little one, I didn't need to get up because she could be sleeping all the way across the house and I could hear her grunting away! (I guess it was sort of a grunt or a groan, or something, but it was loud.) Anyhow, fast forward to a few months ago - we moved to a new house and my daughters wanted to share a room. After the first week, my older daughter begged for separate rooms because "Isabelle is SO LOUD when she sleeps!" LOL Anyway, it is normal. Maybe it will go away, maybe it won't. This same child is also super loud while she's awake - when she was tiny, she'd just make noise constantly. Now that she can talk, she never shuts up. It's cute, but I do hope she learns to censor herself at some point here... anyhow, congrats on your baby and good luck!



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Hi M.,
My guess is gas. My daughter did this all the time too and the only thing that helped her was gripe water, which is a homeopathic liquid you give for the relief of gassiness. You can get it at Walgreens, there are a few different brands but the one my daughter liked the best was made by Wellements. It is an organic product originally European and is basically a blend of ginger and fennel. Try it out, you might have wonderful results. Also, try elevating her head a little to aid digestion, especially when she is lying flat on her back. You can place a "flat" pillow under the mattress to give her a little elevation.

Good luck and congrats on your beautiful little baby.



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OHHHH I forgot all about the little grunting. My girls did that. I miss that.