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Infant Tummy Troubles

Infant Tummy Troubles. My 1 month newborn is having some major gas issues. Can anyone recommend some remedies that I may try to help her out. ...

Newborn Ear Piercing in Metro Detroit

Newborn Ear Piercing in Metro Detroit. I am looking for somewhere that will pierce the ears of a infant. My current Doctors office does not offer this. ...

Help for My Gassy Newborn

Sep 25, 2009 ... I recently stocked up and took some to my niece who has a newborn infant and she also swears by it. GOOD LUCK! Helpful? ...

BM Issues with Newborn

I had a friend that had to deal with her newborn not being regular. ... I would suggest checking out a book or class on infant massage. ...

Newborn Gas

Hiccups are very common in newborns. My son got them a lot when he was an infant . It is normal. So is gas. He got gas often but I don't think one was ...

Cloth Diapering Advice for Newborn

We bought 2 dozen infant prefolds, 6 small size contour diapers, 2 newborn diaper covers (bummis) & a bunch of bummis small sized covers. ...

Newborn Making Gasping Noise When He Eats

In the 1980's my newborn daughter did a similar thing. It was determined to be " infant stridor." An exploratory procedure w/ a view camera helped to ...

Looking for a Good Infant Swing

Looking for a Good Infant Swing. The newborn is in dire need of a swing to help her calm down. Any suggestions as to which one to purchase or steer clear? ...

Newborn Gas and Grunting

Read all 23 responses: "My newborn daughter suffers from painful gas more often ... instead what we do is 2 infant massage techniques that help the bowels. ...

Looking for a Double Stroller for a Newborn and Preschooler - HELP

All the spots for the newborn look super comfortable so I am not worried about that. ... The baby jogger stroller even has an infant carseat attachment. ...
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