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Plagiocephaly/Misshapen Head/Flat Head in Infant

Plagiocephaly/Misshapen Head/Flat Head in Infant. Hi, just wondering if any mom's out there have had a child with plagiocephaly? ...

What Does Retraction Look like in an Infant?

Read all 6 responses: "I have an 8 week old infant with Bronchiolitis and have been told to watch for retraction. ... infant sleeping · infant child care ...

Remedies for Infant Congestion

Congestion this long in an infant or any child IS NOT NORMAL!!! I have to 2nd everything that Susan wrote... There is so much to factor included ...

Camping with Infant

You can put your child in it while setting up and taking down! Camping is a great thing for .... Camping with an Infant. ... infant stroller · infant child ...

Sharing a Room? Two Year Old Light Sleeper with Screaming Infant

Sep 27, 2009 ... My daughter has 4 children, all 22 months apart from the one before. She had to put 2 in a room and the .... infant child · addition room ...

Carseat and Stroller Options for Second Child

I will be having a second child when my firstborn is two and three months. I was just cleaning out my garage and was considering getting rid of my infant ...

Infant Napping Struggles

Infant Napping Struggles. My 4 month old son fights napping during the day. .... First, I recommend getting Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc ...

Infant with Acid Reflux

I am not one of those people who look lightly at putting an infant or child for that matter on something they potentially could be on for the rest of their ...

Best Day Care for My Infant

Best Day Care for My Infant. Does anyone have suggestions for the best day care ... If you close to zip code (89147) you should try Gunguis Home Child care ...

Lazy Eye in Infant

My understanding with Strabismus (not sure if your child falls into this category) is that if it begins when your child is an infant, it is a muscular issue ...
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  • love his little round head in 2 answers "He is now almost 2 and I love his little round head."
  • through cranial technologies in 2 answers "My daughter is currently in a DOC band through Cranial Technologies, and like the ..."
  • diagnosed with acid reflux in 3 answers "... weeks old my son had the stenosis test also and was diagnosed with acid reflux."
  • hanger prosthetics in 2 answers "Hi A., A helmet is best for your baby, look into Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics ..."
  • used the enfamil ar in 2 answers "... was that the meds didn't help but each person is diff. We used the Enfamil AR ..."