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Expecting Our First Baby, Need ALL Sorts of Help!

K.L. asks from San Diego

My husband and I are expecting our first baby at the end of January. I just feel at lost for what to expect about anything and everything. We are so exciting about ...


Seeking Ideas for Baby Food I Can Make Myself!

D.B. asks from Los Angeles

I'm seeking alternatives to store bought baby food. Is there anyone out there that has done this themselves? Any good books on the subject?? Just trying to prepare...


Drop Side Cribs Are They Just Trash?

A.S. asks from Eugene

I was thinking about selling my drop side crib. I had called to see if it was on any recall list. Simmons said wasn't on recall, but they don't recommend any drop ...


Edward Hospital vs Rush Copley

L.F. asks from Chicago

I just found out that I am pregnant with baby #3. Baby #1 was born in the Alternative Birthing Center at West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park, and I had a wonderful bi...


Seeking a Pediatrician in McKinney Who Is Open to Alternative Vaccine Schedule

A.F. asks from Dallas

Hi everyone, I am looking for a new pediatrician who will be open to doing an alternative vaccine schedule to space out the aluminum containing shots. I live in McKi...


Bullying...To Hit Back or Not

K.O. asks from Washington DC

Hello everyone!! Here is my issue; I have a fourth grader who has been bullied all year long by the same child. I have been to school on numerous occasions talking t...


Used Cribs? a Yes or No?

E.S. asks from Bellingham

I am getting ready to shop for my first baby crib. I recently read the book "Baby Bargins" and they recommended NEVER getting a used crib. I know older cribs don't fa...


Need Crib Mattress Help

A.N. asks from Philadelphia

Hoping to get some advice/feedback... I need to buy a new crib mattress for a baby due in March and I haven't bought one in over 6 years! Is there any specific brand...


Seeking a New Dallas OB/GYN for High Risk ... Any Suggestions?

H.R. asks from Dallas

I recently had an open myomectomy to remove a very large fibroid tumor from my uterus. My husband and I are going to be trying for our first child very soon so I'm lo...


Crib Vs. Bassinet

M.R. asks from Provo

We are buying items for our first child who is on the way soon :). I am looking at all the things to buy, and was wondering about a crib vs . bassinet. I know bassin...