When to try: The First Years

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Another Baby!

K.C. asks from Boise

So my son is 4 months old, and My husband and I wanna have another baby right away, is this s good idea? Were alright financially, emotionally,so I dont see the hold ...


Won't Ever Have Another Baby

M.M. asks from Dallas

Some background first: Almost four year ago, my daughter was born with a congenital heart and lung defect. She spent the first 5 months of her life in the Cardiac IC...


I Have One Child. I Want Another. but I Cant.

E.A. asks from El Paso

My daughter turns 2 today. Yes i feel shes not rlly a bby any more. And i am having conflict withon myself. I would love to have another child to be pregnant and to h...


Husband Doesn't Know If He Wants Another Child??

D.G. asks from Cleveland

When my husband and I first got serious we discussed our goals in life which included a home and 2 children. We even agreed on approximatly how close together we woul...


How Do I Explain to My Husband That I Want Another Baby?

C.J. asks from Harrisburg

I have a 13 month old girl. I want to have another baby soon, but my husband laughs at me everytime i state anything about having another baby. He says,"I want to wa...


When to Have Another Baby?

W.B. asks from St. Joseph

What is the perfect age gap between siblings? My husband and I want more children, but are still trying to decide how far we want them spaced apart. We have a son w...


Thinking of Having Another Baby

T.L. asks from Washington DC

I am thinking about having another baby. My first child is 12.5, my newest addition will be 1 in May, I was thinking about trying for another baby so that the newest...


How Did It Go When the First Child Was a Handful and Then You Had Another Baby?

M.T. asks from Minneapolis

Hi, we're debating whether we should have another child or not (have posted another question about this before). Our first is now 22 months and has always been a han...


Am I Crazy? Should We Rush Having Another Baby?

K.P. asks from Los Angeles

A little background.... I'm 35 (going to be 36 in August). My hubby and I just had our first baby...he'll be 6 months old next week. We want another baby but were pl...


Wanting Another Baby?

N.R. asks from Detroit

Hi everyone, I thought I was done having children and am now having second thoughts. I have a step daughter who is older and not with us very often (lives out of...