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Things Change

E.M. asks from Pittsburgh

I am a mother of a 12 year old girl. I was 18 when she blessed me. When I delivered her the OB gave me a Episiotomy. I am currently having my 2nd child now. I am 30 a...


Parenting Classes

S.T. asks from Phoenix

Just curious from parents that have took parenting classes are they really worth going to? What are some of the things you have done in parenting class. Just curious ...



G.W. asks from New York

ok will someone please just tell me honetly how bad the pain is giving birth the second time around? PLEASE!!!!! ok yeah i know it sounds nuts but my daughter is goin...


9 Year Old W/ Nervous Stomach

N.W. asks from South Bend

Hi, I'm back! I have posted questions here several times before, and have always received helpful answers, so here I am again. My 9 year old granddaughter is experi...


Pain Meds. for Labor- What Did You Like?

S.D. asks from Fort Collins

Hi Moms, I would love a buncha information from you all on what everyone used to relieve the pain of labor (other then an epidural). I am hoping to do a totally...


When to Ween

E.M. asks from St. Louis

Help! I've been BFing full time up to now. I just started school full time and can't decide whether or not to ween and if so then how. At first I thought I'd just n...


Washing Baby Clothes

L.K. asks from New York

Hi, I was wondering at what age can I start washing my daughters clothes along with ours? And when can I stop using special detergent to wash her clothes and bed lig...


Need Some Encouragement

L.C. asks from Dallas

37 weeks today and im getting increasingly nervous about labor. I really need to hear that its going to be ok and i can handle it. Any encouraging words or stories ...



J.S. asks from Memphis

I was wondering whether or not you ladies had an epidural during your delivery and what your recommendations are. My mother did not have one with me, but did with my ...


Natural Childbirth

S.S. asks from New York

I am PG with my 3rd child and due in 3 weeks. For both my other 2 PG's I went into the hospital with full intend to have an epidural. I really would like to try natur...