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Pet Sitter or Pet Boarding?

We're going on a summer vacation vacation and trying to decide whether to board our cat or use a pet sitter with it in our house or keep it outdoors. Last year when we went on a long vacation(driving from TX to CA) we kept our cat at home. I had my FIL feed the cat in the morning, and a neighbor check on it once in awhile in the evening. It disappeared a few days before we got back, got bitten by something, resulting in weeks of recovery, vet bills, etc. As an outdoor cat, we're not sure how it would react to being in a small cage for...


Getting a Pet

Hi All, My eight year old has been wanting a pet for a long time now, and...

Boarding a pet

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Can Anyone Reccommend a Boarding Kennel Located Within Delaware County?

Hello, I am looking for a nice, caring boarding/kennel for our 2 dogs. I am going away for a weekend for a wedding out of state this weekend and my doggie sitter has backed out on us at the last minute. My dogs have never been put into an overnight kennel before. We have always been lucky enough to have a family member stay the night whenever we needed someone. However, this time everyone who we normally count on is unavailable. Our dogs (a chocolate lab and brussels griffon) are very close and look after the other and I don't want...

House / Pet sitter

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Looking for Advice About a Recent Experience with a New Pet Sitter

We recently went out of town and had an in home pet sitter for my 3 dogs that we DID meet with prior. Long story short multiple different neighbors were very concerned because they never seen anybody or any cars at my house. We came home to no mess in my house and dogs exactly as we left them. After having 3 different neighbors come to me with extreme concern I did contact the pet sitting company and yes I already paid the bill. The company gave me reasonable times that the sitter was at my house but it doesn't match up with what my...


Seeking Pet Sitter

My wonderful pet sitter is moving away. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy,...