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Updated on July 19, 2010
T.C. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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So my husband and i are thinking of taking a vacation togeather next year for our 5 year anniversary and leaving the kids with grandma and grandpa. We have never been on a vacation before and never went on a honey moon. We are thinking maybe a cruise, but are open to any options. My question is where have you vacationed that you really loved? What time of the year is best to go on a cruise or to the place you went? We are open to any time of year and are planning on being gone maybe like 5 days. We are looking for someplace warm, fun, not overly expensive and if its a cruise we want it to be all inclusive. Please share your stories of where you have went and what you did? Would love to get a variety of options! Thanks!!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

My son just got married in Cabo San Lucas at the Riu Palace, (all inclusive)
It was so beautiful, lots of things to do. The wedding was in May of this year.
Perfect weather everyday. Many restaurants within the hotel to eat at, infinity pools, nightly entertainment, jet skiing, parasailing, horseback riding on the beach, take a glass bottom boat out to lovers cove. About thirty some people went and EVERYONE said they are definitely going back. About 40 minutes from airport, you fly into SanJose airport. Go into town to the famous Cabo Wabo nightclub plus a handful of others. Eat in town if you want at the Romeo and Juliets restaurant. Plus other things.
You are treated like a K. and queen there. We went for 6 days, would of liked to stay longer. You can go anywhere from $700 to $1070 but remember everything is included. Air, 5 star hotel, food, drink and a very SAFE place to stay.
You Definitely need to go there.



answers from Minneapolis on

Hands down, Mexico! Either Cancun or one of the surrounding areas. Choose a place that is all-inclusive and adults only and you will be SO happy. There are lots of wonderful places and some are quite reasonable when you figure airfare, transfers, food, drinks and at some hotels, tours are included too. Mpls airport has lots of non-stop options going to Mexico and there are lots of deals, too, depending on when you are thinking of going.

Cruises are "nice," but I hate the fact that a) drinks are not included and b) often you cannot board until afternoon and have to be off the ship first thing in the morning. Plus, if you are weather delayed (which happens in MN), the boat is not going to wait for you.

Good luck! You will LOVE Mexico :)

PS: regarding the security issues - I travel to Mexico 2 - 3 times a year and was just there again in May. You need to take the same precautions as when you travel ANYWHERE. In fact, I would walk down the main street in Cancun in the middle of the night WAY before I would walk in downtown Minneapolis in the middle of the night.



answers from Kansas City on

I second the Turks and Caicos Islands. So beautiful and the people are awesome. We took the family to the Beaches Resort (all-inclusive) and we were surprised at how adults-only friendly the place could be. There are two restaurants on property where no kids are allowed, and most of the kids are at the water park, so you can go to other pools or the beach for grown-up time. Alot to do there, snorkeling cruises, scuba, night club, all on the property. You never need to leave. (Best bonus is that it's only a 2.5-3 hour flight from Atlanta. Easy! You WILL need a passport.)

We also love Puerto Rico. I lived there for two years when I was younger, but the El Conquistador Resort is gorgeous and it's in Fajardo (get out of San Juan!!). It has a casino and a golf course and is right on the water with fabulous views from everywhere. (It takes a little longer to get there, but worth it.)

For a more secluded place, try St. John, USVI. It's soooo relaxing if all you want is a beach and drink with an umbrella.

Once you decide on a place, check your library or invest in a book by Frommers or Foder's travel guide. These books are great for getting you "off the beaten path" or helping you find a decent place to eat, as well as what to avoid.

Good for you for taking some time to regroup with your husband! I hope you have a fun time planning this trip and I wish you safe travels!


answers from Philadelphia on

Hilton Head Island is great for couples... they have a little of everything there, you can do the bus tours of Savannah Georgia, go to the beach, play golf, swim, bike, sight see, fish, crab, rent boats or jet skis, and the night life there is great.
If your looking furtheraway, a cruise to Atlantis Bahamas is really great.... my brother goes every year over christmas week ( you could go right after chrsitmas and spend new years there so you can be home with the kids for xmas)
Another great option is the honeymoon suites at Cove Haven in the Pocono's, (PA) it is closer, but it is an all inclusive package deal with all the same great things the sandals type resorts have... you can check out their website...just google Cove Haven poconos...


answers from Dallas on

I love, love, LOVE Playa del Carmen, just south of Cancun. It's very reasonably priced, just a short plane ride to Cancun and about an hour car ride from the airport. It's not the "spring break" atmosphere of Cancun but a more calm, mature, relaxing, couples or family type atmosphere. The beaches and water are AMAZING, downtown is safe and clean and great for shopping. Definitely go all-inclusive and you won't have to pay for a thing on the trip, other than shopping, etc. Any time of the year is perfect down there, the weather doesn't really change much. I've been there in Dec. and it was still warm and beautiful. I wish I was there right now... =)



answers from Minneapolis on

What about up north, like Montreal? It won't be such a long flight, but it's a beautiful city that's quite a departure from our lives here in the Twin Cities. It'll feel foreign and possibly exotic b/c of its strangeness, yet it's not too far away. That way, your five days might stretch a little more...

Unfortunately, I learned that I don't have "sea legs" while on a 2-week cruise through the Caribbean! Not fun, plus I felt really confined and rather crowded on the ship. It is a giant, floating hotel after all. You might also do something like a honeymoon trip to NYC - do the shopping, the restaurants, the shows!

Bon voyage, wherever you go!



answers from Minneapolis on

My parents have a time share in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and my family has always had a lovely time there. It has a real town (not just a "resort city") and some of the finest dining in all of Mexico if you enjoy good restaurants. I think the security concerns about traveling to Mexico relate to the border cities and towns where there is a lot of drug dealing. I don't think the tourist destinations have been significantly affected, although I am always careful whenever and wherever I travel. I was in Puerto Vallarta with my children and my 87-year-old grandmother in January, and we had no problems or concerns. I tend to be pretty safety conscious and even a little paranoid too. January to March is generally considered the best time of year to go, but I know people who have gone at all times of the year.

Regarding Hawaii, I loved it and would go back in a heartbeat. However, I personally think it's too long of a flight and too much of a time change to hassle with for a five day vacation. We went for 9 days and it took us about 3 days to adjust to the time change once we got there. The only flight back to Mpls is a red eye. Also, the weather can be unpredictable. If you do decide to try Hawaii, one of the best times of year to go is October. The weather can be some of the best of the entire year and prices are usually a little cheaper and it's less crowded because it's not the height of the tourist season.

We've also taken one cruise in the Caribbean. I loved it; my husband hated it. It was too confining for him and he didn't like having to work with someone else's schedule. I loved the all-inclusiveness of it and the fact that everything we needed was right nearby. We encountered unusually rough seas and many of the passengers on our cruise suffered from seasickness, including my husband.

Have a good trip wherever you go, and feel free to send me a message if you have questions about PV, Mexico.



answers from Milwaukee on

We are addicted to Disney Cruise Line. The service is top notch. It's all inclusive including soda. (you pay for alcohol and tips) It's great for the whole family and has great Broadway style shows and fireworks at sea. Pirate night has a buffet and you get to meet all your favorite Disney characters. They have many different cruises and local. And their new ships come out in 2011 and 2012. The earlier you book the cheaper it it. We have been on two and are going on our third in Oct 2011. The four days stop off at Nassau and Disneys own private island. We stop off a few days before at Disney too beforehand.
DCL isn't just for familes but couples can have a great time by themselves. There is plenty of pampering and fun to be had. They have a adult only spot on Castaway Cay and a adult only pool along with spa.


answers from Dallas on

Hawaii, Maui to be exact. We love that place.

We didn't do all inclusive, we just stayed at a nice resort and enjoyed ourselves. We've been 2 times and would go back in a heartbeat.

Our favorite time to go is around Spring Break. The whales are coming through and they are beautiful. We go out and a very small dingy boat and watch them. They've even been right next to the boat and you could touch them. AWESOME experience. We stay in Ka'anapoli or Kapula and then visit in Lahania often. Lahania has lots of shopping, you can catch a ferry to the island of Lanai, many things to do. We love Maui.

We will not go to Mexico right now due to security issues going on in Mexico. However if you are willing to take that risk, Cabo San Lucas is wonderful.

Jamaica has many all inclusive resorts and some all adult (meaning no kids...there are some all adult that are a little risque as well).

Costa Rica, Turks and Caicos are 2 friends have strongly recommended.

We are not crusier people. I konw some people love it but that is just not us.



answers from Atlanta on

Personally I'm not a cruise fan. My husband and I are really into Hawaii -particularly the north shore of Kauai, and you can find great deals there! Check out VRBO.COM for any vacations you take where you can rent places from the owners. If that's too far/expensive, we also really love St. John USVI -another great place to rent private homes AND they also have a wonderful, cheap camping area near Trunk Bay. The "tents" have platforms and aren't like completely roughing it in a real tent.

We took our honeymoon to Sandals Halcyon all-inclusive in St. Lucia, and it was beautiful. The food was amazing and the liquor was top-shelf and you truly never tip or spend another cent other than what you pay! If you do extra activities like a day sail/snorkeling tour or a rainforest hike -that can cost extra, but it was a wonderful and relaxing experience on a beautiful island.

Hawaii is great year round, but I like it in spring and summer. Winter is prime whale watching!

The Caribbean is best in winter through early spring. Summer and fall are the rainy season and hurricane season, BUT you get cheaper deals then. We went in mid-July and the weather was perfect! It's just more of a gamble.



answers from Los Angeles on

So, I am very fortunate that I have been to many places. As far as for something romantic and intimate, I suggest Jamaica. My husband and I went there for our honeymoon and stayed at one of the Sandals, all inclusive resorts. It can be a bit pricey, but they are having all kinds of really good sales right now on all the places in the Carribean, most of which have all inclusive options. We also went to Cancun a couple years back to an all inclusive resort and we had a great time, and is much cheaper than anywhere in the Carribean, at least from here in Orange County.



answers from Minneapolis on

My husband and I are going back to Aruba for our 5th wedding anniversary in January. We were supposed to go in October when out actual anniversary is but we are due with out second baby in the beginning of November so we had to postpone it. Aruba was our origianl honeymoon destination but due to a flight cancelation 2 wks before we were supposed to leave we had to find somewhere else to go which ended up being Maui which we were not fans of very much. We ended up going to Aruba the following year and loved it! We have been to quite a few places too.

We are going back to the same resort which was the Marriott Resort in Oranjestad. It is beautiful and relaxing there. They have a shuttle boat that takes you on a short (maybe 5 mins) ride out to a private island that resort owns which has a bar and restaurant, hammocks, kyaking and a couple other things to do as well. Aside from the resort there are many other things to do. We are only going for 5 days this time but when we originally went we were there for 10 days and we didn't want to go home! Many cruise ships dock there too if you are still thinking of doing the cruise thing. Maybe you could book one with Aruba as a stop?

It is my top recommendation anyway. Have fun wherever you decide to go!



answers from Omaha on

I LOVED LOVED LOVED our honeymoon destination. We went to a Sandals Resort in Ocho Rios Jamaica. It was the most wonderful place I have been. I have done a lot of all-inclusive resorts which I think is the way to go because once you pay for your trip you don't have to pay a dime at your resort. Food and any and all drinks are includes. Plus there is usually some sort or dining facility open 24 hrs a day. I recommend either Sandals or any resort you can book through Applevacations.com If you book through this site there is usually an Apple Vacations Rep at your resort to help you if you have any problems with your room or to help you book outings. They are very helpful.



answers from Miami on

T. - consider doing an actual honeymoon! There are tons of honeymoon packages - they don't have to be a cruise and you don't have to show anyone the date on your marriage certificate to book one. When is your 5 year anniversary? Do you plan to travel on / around that date or what time of year do you plan to travel?

What length of time do you plan to be gone and what is your budget? My husband and I went on a fabulous honeymoon to St. Martin in early June (the day after our wedding) and it was all inclusive except lunch and dinner. We had a travel agent that specialized in the island put it together for us (not an actual package that we picked out of a lump but she put together the flights, car rental, hotel with breakfast, tours / add ons, etc). Do you and your husband have a "Bucket List" of places you want to go to or things that you would love to do without your small children (skiing / hiking / visiting museums)?

Hope you find something fabulous where you make incredibly romantic memories:) C.



answers from Minneapolis on

My husband and I love to vacation in wine country, CA. We'll usually spend a day or so in San Francisco to see the sights and head to Napa, Hieldsburg or Sonoma for relaxation and lots of wine drinking. It's so beautiful there. If you guys are fans of wine, that's the place to go. Just a different suggestion from the others mentioned. Good luck and have fun wherever you go.

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