Traveling & Kids

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Family Vacation Ideas

We have never taken a family vacation. We would like to this year. Our kids are Boy 10, Girl 6 and Boy 2. What are your favorite spots? We aer open to ...

Car Seats

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Car Seat

Hi Moms,searching for a new car seat for my daughter and wanted to know what you thought about the car seat Alpha Omega? your import means alot! Thank...


Car Seat

My son is 8 months old and weighs 22 pounds. It is time to buy a new car seat. I...


Car Seat

Hello! I am currently seeking advice on car seat. We have a 11 momth old son and...


Car Seat

I am looking for a car seat for my 10 months old baby, she weights 20 pounds, I'...


Car Seat

Hi, My son is almost 10 months old and we need to buy a new car seat for him ...


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Advice for Air Travel with Infant

Hello all!! I have a question regarding air travel and sleep on vacation for other mom's out there. I am planning to take my 8 month old on two vac...


Air Travel Tips

In December my family (husband and twin daughters) will be traveling to Chicago ...


Airplane Travel

I'm going to be flying to San Diego with my 11 month old twins next week. We've...


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Air Travel with Infant During Flu Season

Hi Everyone! So I have a 3 week old baby and I want to go visit my parents. When is it safe to travel with an infant? I'm worried because its flu seaso...


Air Travel

I'M going on vacation to PR with my husband in the summer and i would like to kn...


Airplane Vent Filters

A while ago I saw an article in a magazine for a filter that fits over the airpl...

Potty Training Traveling

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Travel & Potty Training

How do you deal with potty training while traveling over the holidays? Should we attempt to take a potty, have grandmas buy potties, or is there somet...


Potty Training

My son just turned three and he's finally gotten the hang of using the potty. Ho...


Potty Training

o.k. so I have not received any responses or advice. How Sad!!! So let me try ...



in about two months we will be traveling to south carolina to visit my mom. we d...