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Playtex Drop-Ins System

With my 2 1/2 year old, we tried nearly every bottle on the market before he settled on the Avent bottles. They were great, but I'm thinking with the next one (due in a couple weeks), I would like to use the Playtex Drop-Ins. But my question is this... To those of you who have used these, how do you warm the milk or formula? Microwaving is always a no-no, and with the other bottles we've used, we heated the contents with a bottle warmer. These say not to put the bottle into a heat source. Do I have to heat it in a separate container...

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Fear of Tampons (And Ruining a Vacation)- Probably Tmi

I'm so embarassed to even be writing this, but I know you guys will be able to offer some help. I wore tampons when I was a teenager and in early 20s. I pretty much stopped using them then just because I didn't like them and preferred pads. After I had my DD, I was told not to use tampons for 6 mos due to medical complications from childbirth. No problem since I didn't like them. Well, now I'm 40 so it's been just about two decades since I've used them. So my problem. We have a long saved for and rare vacation planned to Hawaii, and in...