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What's Everyone Doing to save Money

W.W. asks from San Francisco

I'm wondering what everyone's doing to save money. Tips on going grocery shopping, what are you cutting back on. I want to see if how else I would be able to save m...



J.B. asks from Rapid City

We're planning to fly to Seattle this summer with our 2 kids. Our daughter will be 4 at the time, and our son will have just turned 2. We haven't flown for years (sin...


Family Vacation on a Budget

G.B. asks from Orlando

I'm planning on taking a week off for my daughter's spring break (6 & 11 years old)I would prefer to go away from Florida, but every website I've checked for vacation...


Travel During School

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- Just curious, what is your school's or perhaps district's requirement as regards travel during the school year? If you plan a holiday during school...


Budget Travel Destinations for Christmas

T.L. asks from Dallas

Hello Mamas~ My Mother-in-law has offered to take her family on a vacation this Christmas instead of struggling to figure out what gifts to buy everyone. My concern...


Looking for Ways to save Money

N.K. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, In this crazy economic environment, what are some things you are doing to save money on groceries, clothes, gas, etc. Please share.


Some Ways to save Money

A.L. asks from Phoenix

I was recently doing childcare out of my home as well as my full time job as a Social Worker. I was let go from my childcare position. I was expecting to get the ch...


Revamping Your Budget - Did You Lose Friends Too?

K.R. asks from Springfield

My husband and I are on the road (we hope!) to becoming debt free. I am finding I feel distant from my friends and family though, as I am unable to meet my friends f...


Vacation Budget Plan

S.J. asks from St. Louis

It has been so long since we have taken a family vacation I am blanking on what costs we should plan for. We will be travelling by car, so gas. Food (including tips...


Looking for Travel Websites

M. asks from Chicago

Does anyone know of any good travel websites. I am trying to plan a family vacation. Any advice would be great. Thanks