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Help! Terrible 3'S

J.M. asks from Minneapolis

My 3-year-old daughter has turned from a very sweet baby into a very stubborn and disrespectful child. I remember having some challenges with my son at this age (he's...


Selfish Great-niece

S.G. asks from Rapid City

I have a 20 month old granddaughter who is the apple of my eye. My parents watch my nephews children who are 6 and 2. The 6yr old is great and sweet but the 2 year ...


4 Year Old Behavior

J.K. asks from Phoenix

My daughter just turned 4 is out of control, from the moment she wakes up she has this attitude and doesn't listen at all. it is so frustrating, i put her in time ou...


Explaining to an 18 Month Old That Mommy Is Having a Baby

A.N. asks from Albuquerque

I have an 18 month old son and am pregnant with my second child (due in October). Any advice on how to explain to my son that he is going to have a baby brother or si...


4 Yr Old Daughter Screeches and Screams

J.P. asks from San Diego

It is obvious why our 4 yr old screeches and screams so much... she's doing it for attention. she has some big competition w/ all the attn her sisters require, who ar...


Single Mommy Needs Help

N.D. asks from Denver

My daughter just turned 5 and is really acting up lately!! Uncontrolable tantrums, screaming, kicking, saying she hates me... I am concerned and am searching for a ...



M.D. asks from Bangor

My son likes to argue and have tantrums at the drop of a hat, and some ppl are questioning me if he has ADD or if he is Bi-polar...I beg to differ and just say that i...


Push-up Bras for Seven Years Olds??

E.B. asks from Seattle

My friend post something on facebook, it was a news story about push-up bras for little girls. How is this happening?? My heart broke. It is like they are not even...


3.5 Year Old Giving up Nap? Has Yours?

E.H. asks from Dallas

My dd has always been an excellent sleeper. Well, in the last month, she has been either not napping at all (staying in her room for two hours, obviously never falli...


Racist/Anti-white Comments in Front of Children

M.O. asks from Denver

My 4mo. old daughter is 1/2 Black and 1/2 European. She looks more like she is Persian, Puerto Rican, Mexican, or East Indian. So I know she will be having her ethni...