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Eye Problem

L.A. asks from San Francisco

hi, my daughter is 4 year old and she have a problem with her eye every time she cry, focus on something from far away or even if she press on it she seem like she h...


Get off My Cross

M.H. asks from Lansing

I am one of those moms that does it all. The inside work. The outside work. The child rearing. I pay the bills. I do it all. I realized tonight that I resent my S.O. ...


Strabisimus or Eye Issues

D.G. asks from Corpus Christi

To everyone and anyone who has had eye problems or issues... My little boy that is now two years old will be wearing glasses for an extended amount of time and I hav...


Infant Eye Test

T.S. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter is 6 weeks old. Last week when I had her at the Dr., the Dr. noticed that her eyes have a tendency to cross when she is focusing on something (doesn't hap...


Closing One Eye to Read?

C.L. asks from Boston

My 5 year old son will close his left eye when he reads or is trying to look at something small. This started a couple of weeks ago. We made an appointment with an ...


Eye Patches and Amblyopia

C.W. asks from Minneapolis

My 4 year old daughter just got diagnosed with amblyopia and was prescribed glasses. The Pediatric Optomitrist we saw does not believe in eye patches, just glasses, b...


My Daughter's Eye Seems to Be Crossing Sometimes

Y.K. asks from New York

hello everyone, i noticed in the passed week or so that my 11 month daughter sometimes crossing her right eye slightly, i thought that i' seeing things, but today my ...


Pink Eye? :(

S.R. asks from Kansas City

Yesterday my right eye was bothering me when I put my contacts in, I didn't think much of it since my allergies are really bad right now and I have been having proble...


Anthem Blue Cross Vs. Kaiser

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

In a few weeks I have to choose between these two insurances. We have (and have always had) Blue Cross. Love love love our doctors. Can't stand the referral proces...


Eye Patch

M.R. asks from Los Angeles

My 11 year old needs to wear a patch on one eye to strengthen the other. She can do this at home, while watching TV or whatever. She does not need to do this where pe...