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Updated on February 14, 2011
T.S. asks from Langhorne, PA
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My daughter is 6 weeks old. Last week when I had her at the Dr., the Dr. noticed that her eyes have a tendency to cross when she is focusing on something (doesn't happen all the time though). Dr. said that babies usually grow out of the eye crossing by 5 weeks and she suggested that I take my daughter to an eye doctor for an exam. I haven't made an appointment yet. Just wondering if this is really necessary. Has anyone taken their baby around this age?

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So What Happened?

I didn't take her yet... wanted to just wait and watch. She doesn't seem to be crossing them really anymore. But if I happen to notice her doing it again, then I will take her to get checked.

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answers from New York on

One of mine did that a bit when he was a very small baby and then outgrew it. It took more than 5-6 weeks but less than 6 months. If you haven't noticed an improvement by around 3 months then make the follow up appointment. If a crossed or "lazy' eye is left uncorrected it causes problems eventually but as long as you follow up in the first year it is probably good. I knew a child who did not have a lazy eye corrected until he was in his teens and he had very little depth perception.

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answers from Denver on

Seems young to me BUT if our doc suggested I take our kid, I would. I always like to be on the safe side and be pro-active. My daughter has a lazy eye and I was told eyes should not be wandering or crossing or wandering anytime after 4 months. Getting more information from an eye doc and learning what to look for in terms of worsening or improving over the next few months will only make you feel better and won't leave you wondering.


answers from Allentown on

Hi, T.:
Give it some time, you'll know. D.



answers from Philadelphia on

I remember the guideline for growing out of strabismus being 6 months. I took my daughter twice to check it around that timeframe just to check it because she had occasional eye crossing at that age. The appointment was easy and noninvasive.



answers from Allentown on

I have a lazy eye, and my eyes were like that as an infant. I didn't have it treated until I was much older, back then they just didn't. I got a patch over my good eye when i was school aged, for 3 years and I wore glasses. It helped some, but as an adult I have very little depth perception. That being said it really doesn't bother me or affect me. The limitation I have had in my life is that I can't see 3D movies. So hopefully she will just outgrow it, but if it is a lazy eye, I know they can do more now. I wonder if they didn't tell you to get an appt. now since sometimes it can take a while to get into a ped eye Dr. It took a few months to get my son in when his Dr. noticed his eye wandering. It turned out to be nothing at all, but getting it checked is definitely worth it. I would call in case there is a wait, and make sure it is a ped eye Dr.



answers from Washington DC on

Coming from a family with congenital cataracts, yes, I would take the baby in.



answers from St. Cloud on

Where I live there (maybe everywhere???) there is something called INFANT SEE program. Call the eye doctor and see if they have this. You can bring your baby in ONE TIME BEFORE THEIR 1ST BIRTHDAY for a free screening. We did it. Easy and painless.



answers from San Francisco on

I figure it is better to be safe than sorry....

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