Driving Cross Country with 3 Kids a Dog and Husband and Fearing Loosing My Mind!

Updated on November 05, 2006
C.S. asks from Norfolk, VA
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We are leaving here Norfolk to move to Boise area (Idaho) in 2 1/2 weeks I am going to have THREE small children ages 7, 4, and a 1 year old as of yesterday! Plus our small dog, and my husband, if we can't sell our 2nd car (which I really want to do) because other wise we have to fill 2 tanks of gas, possibilities of loosing each other, I fall asleep when I don't have someone to talk to while driving. Plus if we only take one car we can take turns driving.
But here's my question, if we are able to sell our car, which I'm hoping for!!! And we are all in our van, how do I get through this trip cross country without having to pull my hair out from going nutz and without having to call a divorce lawyer from being so close together with my husband in an enclosed enviornment, and having to hear "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?!!" a million times from my kids. Other than coloring book and activities books, cause I have already thought of that. We do not have a DVD player put into our car and don't know if we will have the time or funds to get one installed before we leave. We DO have a portable DVD player but when we charge it it never lasts too long, and the sound isn't too loud. Any suggestions so I don't drive me and my whole family off a cliff in frustration!? Just kidding about that part! Also if anyone is interested in getting some really nice furniture for cheap give me an email back we really need the money to help pay for hotels and gas, and would rather just buy new things. But I'm willing to negosiate on prices I'm just looking to sell things for about 1/2 of what we payed.
SO! I'm selling a few things first being my sons race car bed it's blue really cool looking and in good condition. It's only about a foot off the ground so if your worrying about your child rolling out of a new bed there's not far to fall, plus the sides come up in certain areas. It fits a crib mattress, also selling the mattress if you need it! Next my daughters mattress and box spring it's a single bed. A Futon/bunkbed the whole thing is black in color and the mattress / futon cushon is purple. Futon bed can be down as a bed or folds up to a seat position and that can fit two large adults or 3 children, and the bunck bed uptop can fit one adult, two if you really want to, both my husband and I have taken a nap up there once. And it can fit two children up there easily. We are selling two computer desks. Our dining room table and chairs (really pretty) living room coffee table, and end tables (really cute).
And are trying to sell our 2000 Ford Taurus SEL 74,000 miles silver, excellent condition!!!!!, leather seats, dual power seats, power sunroof, multi change CD player, premium sound, power windows, cruise control, power door locks, power steering, & air conditioning $6500 O.B.O.
So if any of you are in need of any of this, I would love to not have to move it, or drive it across country! Send me an email!
Thanks, C.

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answers from Norfolk on

There are a few games that I play with my kids when we take long road trips. Like for example, I spy. The first person to go finds something in the car for example, a red blanket. So they'd say "I spy something with my little eye something that is red" then each of the kids gets a guess before you give them a hint. Also you can play the question game. Where someone asks a question, for example, If you could have any toy in the world what would it be? or If you could have any pet in the world what would it be? It'll keep thier interest and spark up several conversations. Plus it helps for bonding with your kids. Hope that helps a little! Have a safe trip!

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answers from Houston on

Can you get a car adapter for the portable DVD player? What about car bingo? When we drove cross country we started out early,3am. Drove while the kids slept and stopped for breakfast. We stopped driving for the day about 3pm. That way there was still time to tire out the kids and get to bed earlyish. Lots of little snacks, books, good luck.

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answers from Norfolk on

pack some games for your kiddos to play... coloring books,books to read... cd players or tape players work great with music of their taste or even for you to block them out when you need quiet time... if ur able to by a dvd player for the car and have the kids watch some movies... also if you dont sell your car... cant you tow it behind your van?? hope this helps.. N.

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answers from Norfolk on

Good luck. That is a long trip. I feel your pain. We just recently made a 16 hr plane trip from Italy to Norfolk with our three kids who were 4,2, and 6 months at the time.

Make sure to bring all kinds of things to keep them entertained. POrtable DVD PlaYER!!! Those are great for long car trips. As for the batteries not lasting long you can buy a charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter for relatively cheap. Books. DO they like music? YOu can take some Children's Cds and you guys can sing and have fun together while driving. :D Also take lots of snacks. Maybe keep a couple of things they don't get often in the car. What we do with our older two is let them pack their own backpack to take with things they want to play with and books they would like to look at.

ANd good luck selling yourt higns as well. I hope that it goes smoothly for you.

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answers from Norfolk on

Get a pair of DVD players for your car. That's what we did. We got the kind that strap onto the headrests. We drove 2 cars from CA to VA. I had our son who was 2 at the time and both cats in my car. The Dvd player was the only thing that kept me sane!! Oh, and when you stop (to eat, use the bathroom, etc) make sure the kids get out and play.

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