Strabismus: Preschooler

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My 8 Year Old Daughter and Crossed Eye Issue

A.F. asks from Cincinnati

My daughter is 8 years old. When she gets excited or is playing an imaginary game her eyes cross. We have taken her to the eye doctor twice and both times he could n...


Help with a Child with Lazy Eye

M.C. asks from Cleveland

My 3 year old was diagnosed with a lazy eye last november and we have been patching and we go to the eye doctor on the 5th of june and i am so scared that he might ha...


Lazy Eye

D.M. asks from Detroit

My daughter is 6months and since birth I noticed that her left eye was lazy. Her pediatrician recommended us to a pediatric optometrist (Dr. Omalley). She went for a ...


Lazy Eye in Both Eyes, Amblyopia Just Diagnosed.

A.D. asks from Lansing

Dear Mom's, I'm a Grandmother of 3 grandchildren, age 3+1/2, 1+1/2 and 7 months. Yesterday, my oldest grandchild was diagnosed with Amblyopia or Lazy eye in both eye...


Help! My 3 Year Old Is Getting Unruly

M.J. asks from Athens

Hello everyone, I need some advice on what to do with my 3 year old who has become very mouthy and wont mind his dad and me very well. Where do i start, he has always...


How Can I Discipline My 4 Year Old Son

A.V. asks from San Antonio

I need some advice on how i can dicipline my 4 year old son. Every time he dose something wrong and I get after him he throws a tantrum and throws himself on the floo...


Temper Tantrums in Almost 3-Year-Old

D.A. asks from Atlanta

My little girl will be 3 in July and has started throwing the craziest temper tantrums every time anyone tells her, "no." We can deal with it fine at home (we usually...


3 Year Old Play

M.M. asks from Buffalo

What does your 3 year old do all day? My DD doesn't seem interested in anything. I have tried to initiate activities and let her do that on her own, and she still see...


3-Year Old Swimming Issue at School - Am I Crazy?

R.D. asks from New York

I enrolled my 3-year old along with my 2 older in children in after school swimming lessons at their school. They are beginners. I feel it's necessary for children to...


My Once Out Going 4 Year Old Now Has Seperation Anxiety

T.F. asks from Birmingham

I'm not sure what to do with this. My daughter has been in day care for 3 years now, and we have never had a problem with seperation anxiety. She always had a lot o...