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Is It Rude to Send a Child Home from Playing If You Find Out They Have Pink Eye?

S.L. asks from Fort Smith

My neighbours daughter comes over to play with my boys all the time. She’s a good kid so I don’t mind. Today she informed me (after playing with the boys for 2 ho...


6 Year Daughter Received Eye Surgery, Anybody Else Go Through This?

M.M. asks from San Francisco

My daughter was born with a wondering eye and they finally did something about it. Her eyes are so bad that the surgery is supposed to improve her eye sight with gla...


Eye Infection - Do Home Remedies Work? Worth Trying or Not Worth the Risk?

M.4. asks from Tampa

I'm a contact wearer and I do sleep in my contacts sometimes. 2 days ago I woke up with puss around my eye. Didn't think much of it - no pain, discomfort, etc. ...


Twitch in My Eye Is Driving Me Crazy!

B.K. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi, moms! I've recently developed a twitch in my left eyelid. It is constantly twitching and its driving me nuts. Just wondering if any of you know what might be c...



B.T. asks from Dallas

My 2 1/2 year old daughter was diagnosed with this condition at the beginning of the year. The doctor we have seen (every 3 months since January) suggested surgery, ...


What's Going on with My Toddler's Eyes?

H.M. asks from Columbia

Hey Mamas! The last few days, we've noticed that our two-and-a-half year old daughter's eyes have been crossing a little bit. We've never noticed anything like this ...


My Daughter Says She Can't See Out of Her New Glasses...

B.G. asks from Sacramento

My 2 yr old daughter was having an issue with a "lazy eye" (her right eye didn't seem to track as well as her left, moving slower and inward). The pediatrician refer...


Referrals for Family Dr. Dentist Eye Dr. Church Grocery Gym New in Town!!!

P.T. asks from Birmingham

My family and I are relocating to Trussville from Fort Worth, TX! I picked this community pretty much sight un-seen just based on what I had read on-line and then my ...


"My 4 Year Old Little Girl Has Astigmatism in Both Eyes"

J.S. asks from Los Angeles

I took my my 4 year old little girl to the eye doctor for an eye check up and I was told that she has a Astigmatism in both of her eyes and will need to wear glasses ...


Son Had Strabismus

M.R. asks from Denver

I have been having my son evaluated for frequency and severity of his "lazy eye". Yesterday, his vision checked out fine, but he's got the one eye that spends most o...