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Rash in 18 Mos Old That Won't Go Away

L.M. asks from Phoenix

My son has had a bright red rash on his cheeks on and off (mostly on) since he was about 12 mos old. The ped. just told me to put cortisone cream on it that it was n...


Impetigo? Need Help with MY Skin!

S.M. asks from Lansing

Ok, so I more frequent than I would like get these tine blister on my nose or around the rim. I thought it was herpes and went to my derm who said it is Impetigo. How...


What's a Good Cream to Reduce Facial Redness?

S.G. asks from Norfolk

I've tried some Roc serum and cream treatments, and am currently using the Garnier cream to reduce appearance of sun damage. My face is still Has anyone ...


I Need a Little Beauty Advise

D.M. asks from Phoenix

My complection is kind of red. I't not break outs (I break out occasionly) but just a redness on my cheeks mostly maybe a little on my nose and chin. I used concealer...


Mario Badescu Facial Care

C.C. asks from Chicago

Has anyone ever used this line of facial care? It is fairly pricey, but makes big promises. My cheeks have been breaking out terribly over the last few months, si if...


Why Are My Checks So Pink?

D.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi ladies. . .I am 4 months pregnnant and this pregnancey it seems like my checks(on my face) are always pink and someimes blotchy? Any suggestions or comments Why?


Is It Excema or Something Else?

S.S. asks from San Antonio

My nearly two year old son has rosy, bumpiness on his cheeks that comes and goes. I'm trying to monitor it and watch when it flairs up, only correlations I have made ...


Red Cheeks

L.H. asks from Tampa

i may not be the only one having this but i feel like im the only one whose very frustrated by it. My face is pretty clean so i usually don't wear make-up however now...


My Daughter Has Chronic Red Cheeks

B.S. asks from Tampa

My 8 month old daughter has very fair skin. For the past couple of weeks her cheeks and nose have been red- people keep asking me if she is sunburnt. I keep her out o...


Acne at 30!??!

B.K. asks from New York

I used to break out as a teen but since then had beautiful skin - but once I got pregnant it all changed - my face and back broke out often and after I gave birth to ...