What Kind of Makeup Do You Wear?

Updated on August 18, 2011
N.P. asks from Mobile, AL
18 answers

Since we are having a 2nd child and my MIL was put in the nursing home. I am trying to make cuts everywhere possible. I use Merle Norman make up. There has got to be a makeup that is cheaper and does just as good of a job. I have Rosacea and Dark Spots on my cheeks( pregnancy mask that never went away from 1st ds and is getting darker). Have you used the Neutrogena? What do you use? What is the avg price?

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answers from Milwaukee on

I use Makeup Forever Duo matte Powder. It's a compact but I put it on with a big brush. Covers like mineral make-up but with less of that sheen you get with mineral makeup. I have had my compact for 6 months now and I just noticed the metal at the bottom. I still prob. have 4 more months to go with it. A little more of an investment at around 30-40 bucks, but really worth it. http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P177118&am...

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answers from Kansas City on

I use Bare Essentials also. I have had the foundation I have right now for close to a year and it's just now time to buy more. It is expensive but it lasts forever and I have never found anything that I like better.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi N.!
I LOVE Bare Essentials! I don't know what you spend now but I will admit they are a little on the expensive side initially. On the other hand the product lasts a really long time. I only buy foundation 3-4 times a year and I wear it everyday (sometimes I skip a weekend if I'm just home). I still have eye shadows I bought as a set at least a year and a half ago. They don't go bad and don't loose their "freshness". They also have an incredible skin care line. The biggest plus is that even without the moisturizer or cleansers (which I skip when I am on a tighter budget), my skin has still gotten so much better. My pores are smaller, my acne is minor and I get compliments all the time. It is looks completely natural and not at all heavy. I also have a touch of rosacea and dark spots which I can cover without a problem. Typically I use a bisque (concealer), foundation, warmth and mineral veil. Most days I also add blush,eye colors and mascara.
Look them up to see if they have a boutique near you. They will do a "make under" for you. Walk around look at it under different light and see what you think. Even if you buy and change your mind later, they have a 90 day return policy with whatever you have left of the product. You can also buy a starting kit online, but going in is so much more fun!
Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

Another Bare Essentials vote! I use other things too and have roseacea ... I like as well the Almay that blends into your skin tone, I use that and a light dusting of bare essentials then mineral veil ... I can actually use bronzer and blush!

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answers from San Francisco on

I do love Bare Escentuals like a lot of the other mamas here. It's nice because depending upon the coverage you need, you can get a lighter or denser brush, and build up the coverage as you need it. In order to make it last longer and go on smoother, you can use a foundation primer (it also works wonders for keeping your moisturizer from evaporating). It's a trick a makeup artist at Sephora taught me, and it works really well. :)

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answers from Spokane on

I also use Bare Essentials. I agree that it seems a bit expensive when you're holding the container in the store, but once you are home you'll find that it lasts a long time.
I have "mother's mask" that gets pretty dark in the summer (I'm italian descent) and it covers it well. Good luck with your search!

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answers from Spokane on

I use makeup from a company called BeautiControl and like someone said about Arbonne you can sign up for the company and get your products at 30% off. If you are interested in trying it you can contact me here and I can help you sign up for it as I am a consultant for the company.



answers from Lake Charles on

I used to be a cosmetics manager at a department store. I've used Estee Lauder foundation, Lancome & Clinque makeups..all great products. But I've also bought makeup from Wal-Mart or Target including L'Oreal & Covergirl. I do not have rosacea, but my skin does have a red shade to it and I have some blemishes, I do not find a huge difference in the department store foundations & the discount store foundations. You may want to try the L'Oreal True Match foundation. I just bought a bottle of Esee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator that's supposed to redue the look of uneven skintone. It's pricey $58-85 per bottle depending on the size bottle you buy. I just finished using my old bottle of Idealist, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this product works on my face.



answers from Joplin on

I have a very uneven complexion, I have freckles but am pale, I have dark under eye discoloration...I hate liquid foundations because I have combination skin and it rarely wears right on the areas of my face that are more oily...I have totally switched to L'OREAL bare naturale mineral line, it is all powders and I was worried I would not get the coverage I needed or that it would look strange, but I love it. I use the concealer which is in a smaller container with a finer brush for under eye darkness and even for red spots ( think adult acne) I love these products and cannot live without them. They are pricey for drug store make up running $10 to $12 around here ( I looked online and I guess in some locations it runs higher) but it lasts a LONG time.



answers from Nashville on

for the pregnancy spots/mask you can use OBAGI bleaching cream, it is pricey but if you buy it now before you quit, it lasts a long time and really works. You can get at a local spa or dermatologist. Then, you can go lighter on makeup if that is taken care of. I also have rosacea and use a gel every single morning before I put my makeup so it doesn't get worse. I got that at my derm too. I know I am giving you things that cost MORE money but they are things that will help in the long run. I would go to a ULTA or Sephora and test many of the makeups so you know what you like. I used to use Cover Girl until I discovered Bare Escentuals. But that is $25...you can get coupons though. My derm told me that Neutrogena is a great company so you can try it. You could also consider selling Arbonne, they have great makeup and you can sign on just for the discount, you don't have to sell it, just order it for yourself and if you happen to sell some to friends or family, that is a plus. My friend does it and gets 35% off. It is really nice makeup, especially the mineral makeup.
good luck and congrats on your second child!



answers from St. Louis on

Neutrogena, Almay, & Physician's Formula. They all work great for my sensitive skin.



answers from Sherman on

Mary Kay all the way! 100% guarantee and you can try before you buy.


answers from Chicago on

I use to use clinique but I now use Neutrogena and Almmay, I have never had a problem with it and to be honest, it really doesn't matter what brand you use just as long as you know how to apply it...or so I have been told by a make-up artist! Try different brands out and see what you like...you will often see a sale at Walgreens, it's usually 40% off or buy one get one half off! Good Luck!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I just found out that the Kohls brand Flirt is actually MAC repackaged and American Beauty is Estee Lauder. These companies want to sell at Kohls but don't want to harm their 'brand' by doing it. Kohls always has good coupons too so you can get deals.

My advice though is to invest in a good foundation. This is the one place where I would never skimp. And have a SA help you choose the color too. I would hit Sephora for this because of the vast selection. One that you should definitely look at is Make Up Forever. This is not well known except for people like makeup artists-many stars wear it actually. The coverage of their HD makeup is amazing. I use their Face And Body myself and it is the only one I have been able to find that is totally invisible in my pores and doesn't accent dry patches.


answers from Dallas on

I use Clinique and have since I was about 11. I am 49 and pass for early to mid 30's. I attribute that to good genes and a faithful cleansing, moisturizing daily.

If you go to the Clinique counter, they will help you find the right product for you. I have changed over the years and I use the repairwear series now.

For makeup I use city base compact (about $25) and last a good 4-6 months. The other products also last 4-6 months and range in pricing from $35-$50 each.

You get what you pay for.... Clinique does stand by their product if for some reason you have trouble with it.

It is also recommended by highly respected dermatologists.

Good luck



answers from Tulsa on

Wow, how do you ever decide with all the helpful answers? Guess I'll add my 2 cents. I love Jane Iredale make-up. It is the only make-up that dermatologists and plastic surgeons use. It compares to some Clinique prices about $35 for loose powder. But it treats your skin so over time you are not using so much to cover up blemishes. Created by a Calif. make-up artist. You can order on line from her site look up what local place carries it there also. I loved Bare Minerals, but found out it is only 20% mineral. Great marketing!
As far as rosacea. There is a fairly new skincare product which originally was sold under Estee Lauder, from the Drs. who sold ProActiv. It is the only "dermatology based" skincare available with "over the counter" strength medication. It is what they recommend to their patients in their office as an alternative to prescription strength. Same results just a layering of meds. and less expensive. Everything is a 2month supply, but I loved the fact it had a 60 empty bottle $ back guarantee! So no risk to me. The Soothe was the BEST for sensitive skin (Rosasea) and testimonials for people going through chemo. They have one for Sundamage and brown spots or preg. mask. I use it and my kids use their "Unblemish" for acne. Plus now I only wear very little foundation it has helped my skin so much. Best decision I've made. I kept recommending it, so I just signed to sell it wholesale. It was only $45. and I get retail profit each month from anyone that goes on line and orders. It was a win, win for me! The 2 month supply of facewash runs about $30 so $15 a month was cheap I thought!!! kwillis.myrandf.biz



answers from Pittsburgh on

I used to use a lot of Origins make up. The products last a long time. I still use the powder blusher but have phased out the foundation...but I have been using the Neutrogena tinted moisturizer foundations and really like it. Not sure if that would be opaque enough for the rosacea....it's about $12 I think.



answers from Dallas on

I use Almay TLC (True Lasting Color). I have very sensitive skin. This one last's all day. I have blotches on my face (age spots??) and it helps smooth out my complexion. Love it!

I have used Neutrogena and liked it, too. I used the Healthy Skin formula. I think the Almay covers a little better.

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