Rosacea: Teen

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Odorless Sunscreen

D.S. asks from Miami

I am trying to find an odorless sunscreen that is not thick and oily to use on a daily basis. I have rosacea and my tween is beginning to deal with some breakouts. We...


Help for My Teen-age Son with Bad Acne

E.B. asks from Chicago

My son is 15 1/2 and has broken out with a very bad case of acne. We were using pro-active but his face starting getting severly dry. I also started using the acne ...


Unknown Source of Skin Condition After Giving Birth

A.D. asks from Philadelphia

i started developing redness in my face after 3 month postpartum. I never have had anything breakout on my face. Since then (6 months later) and many cortisteroid tre...


Seekig Moms

K.M. asks from Tampa

I have a 15 year old girl. She has serve acne. I tell her to wash. Also not to tuch her face. This has been going on way too long.


Teen Body Acne...

H.K. asks from Phoenix

My son is a wonderful athlete and works out religiously every day at cross country and competative soccer. However, all that excercise has caused an acne problem o...


Do You Know Something That Works for Teen Acne?

S.B. asks from San Diego

Hi Mama's! My daughter is 16 and recently started breaking out pretty bad, especially around the time of her cycle. She uses Neutrogena face wash and is very good...


Acne Medication

D.Z. asks from Fresno

Does anyone out there have a teen on the medication "Accutane". I have a 16yr old son with cystic acne and his Dermatologist is saying that this medication works won...



K.G. asks from New York

Has anyone else had issues with acne since they have had children? I'm 33 now and I break out more now than when I was a teen. Any solutions?


Acne at 30!??!

B.K. asks from New York

I used to break out as a teen but since then had beautiful skin - but once I got pregnant it all changed - my face and back broke out often and after I gave birth to ...



J.C. asks from Philadelphia

I am 40 years old and seem to have the skin of a teenager, which is funny because as a teen I hardly ever broke out. I'm curious if anyone has had success with Proac...