Rosacea: Aquaphor

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42 Years Old with Rosacea

C.A. asks from Los Angeles

I have rosacea on my cheeks and I use a topical medication for it. I also use Eucerin face lotion with spf. My problem is my face looks dull, dehydrated, tired, and s...


Isiskin Products

A.F. asks from Chicago

Hello Ladies, Is anyone familiar with rosacea, redness of the skin? What producst would you recommend?


2 Year Old Who Has Had Red Cheeks Her Entire Life!?

M.B. asks from Colorado Springs

My daughter recently turned two yrs old. She has very chubby and very red cheeks. People are constantly commenting on them. I'm used to how they look, but I have j...


Skin on Face Is Red and Dry

C.M. asks from New York

Hi...does anyone have any suggestion for facial cream to help with red and dry skin? The skin on my face seems to be getting more red and dryer than usual. I have a...


Constant Whining

L.S. asks from St. Louis

I have an 8 month old little girl and in the past couple of weeks she has begun to whine non stop. This is not in her character at all as she is a very happy baby. ...


Eczema and Chafed Legs

A.L. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I have a 2 year old who LOVES the outdoors. We have two problems, the heat is making him break out in patches of eczema on his arms and now legs and back a...


Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

L.K. asks from Milwaukee

I am very sensitive to facial moisturizers and they all make my eyes tear and turn red, even Clinique. The dermatologist says to use aquaphor but you can't use that u...


Advice on How to Find the Source of Excema in 16 Month Old

J.G. asks from San Francisco

My daughter started out with a rash that looked just like poison oak on her left knee. When it didn't go away I saw our pediatrician who then referred me to a dermat...


Calling All Moms with Eczema Babies!

L.W. asks from Raleigh

I don't seem to be getting anywhere with my baby's doctor so I need any advice I can get. For those of you whom have had to deal with Eczema, how do you know what cau...


Healing from Poison Ivy Rash

K.B. asks from Kansas City

I got a fairly bad poison ivy rash on both of my arms. It took 2 rounds of steroids, steroid cream and antibiotic to get it under control. I still have red disco...