Rosacea: Hydrocortisone

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Good Cleansers for Rosacea

M.H. asks from Tampa

I was told I have rosacea about a year ago. I'm having a real hard time finding cleansers that don't freak my skin out. Anything I use has to be soap free, oil free...


Skin Care Products That Are Safe to Use While Pregnant

K.P. asks from Columbus

My husband and I just found out that we are pregnant. Its still very early and we havent had our first doctor's appointment yet. What Im wondering is if the facial ...


Rash on Son's Chin Won't Go Away

J.M. asks from Chicago

My almost 5-year-old son has had a localized rash on his chin for about 6 weeks. We have been to the doctor twice. First they told us to use hydrocortisone (we used i...


3 Mo Old Son Has Food Allergies

L.G. asks from Philadelphia

Hi moms, I am worried about my young 3 mo old. I'm currently nursing him (no trouble there), but he has a particularly bad case of ezcema on his cheeks... This has b...


Need Suggestions for Bath Soap/lotion for Sensitive Skin and Ezcema.

N.H. asks from Dallas

Hi fellow moms/g-moms. My 14 month old son keeps breaking out with little bumps on his torso. Sometimes it's heat rash. Sometimes it is an allergic reaction to som...


Calling All Moms with Eczema Babies!

L.W. asks from Raleigh

I don't seem to be getting anywhere with my baby's doctor so I need any advice I can get. For those of you whom have had to deal with Eczema, how do you know what cau...


My Son's Skin Troubles....

J.D. asks from Louisville

My dear little boy is 19 months old. For the better part of the last 6 mos., he has had very rosy cheeks, that get dry and flake and break open. He scratches them a...


New Acne Treament

B.D. asks from Springfield

I have used Mary Kay products for 14 years and it has worked great for my oily and acne-prone skin type. But now at age 33, it is not working as it used to. I have tr...


Rosesea Anyone??????

L.J. asks from Seattle

I have all the symptoms of Rosesea and would like some advice from others who may have it. I have done some research online but would love to hear of any advice/help...


Allergy to Sunscreen on Cheeks Only - Any Suggestions?

B.V. asks from Stockton

Everytime I apply sunscreen to my daughter her cheeks break out, slight redness, small bumps, not really visible but I can feel them, and they seem mildly itchy. She...