Preschooler: BOB

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3 Year Old Has Imaginary Friend.....

A.M. asks from Louisville

Hello everyone. I am new to this so I am not sure how to state my problem so here it goes.... My 3 year old daughter is very smart and outgoing. She loves to be the c...


How to Teach My 4 Year Old to Read

C.C. asks from Chicago

Hi! I am looking for any advice on how to teach my daughter to read. She knows all of her letters and sounds so I thought I could give it a shot this spring/summer. S...


Helping 4 Year Old with Reading

E.S. asks from Great Falls

My four year old is working on some reading projects in her junior kindergarten class. She gets extremely defensive if you try to help her at all and then just either...


Need a Great Place to Get My 3 Year Old's Hair Cut - FAST

L.L. asks from Hartford

Last night my 3 year old took scissors to her hair. I need to save what I can so I need a creative hairdresser who doesn't think solely in bobs for girls. It's real...


Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Boy

R.B. asks from San Antonio

hi all, i wanted to get some suggestions about gifts for my son's upcoming birthday for myself and the guests. people have been nice enough to ask me what to brin...


My 3 Year Old Has Become Chicken Little!

R.K. asks from Bellingham

About a month ago I took my son to KMart where they were doing construction on the roof. There was a very loud crashing noise while we were inside which scared my son...


Preschool for 3 Year Old

M.M. asks from Indianapolis

We moved here in December and need to send our daughter to preschool. She is going to be 3 this summer. We have her on several waiting lists at church preschools. We ...


Help with Potty Training 3 Year Old.

H.K. asks from Denver

My 3 year old son will not go on the potty. He is not fearful of it, he would just rather have his pamper. I have taken the diapers away, put him in only undies, also...


Teaching My 4 Year Old and 18 Month Old to Read??

N.M. asks from Phoenix

Hello there mamas, lately, I've been hearing about my baby can read system and 2-4 year old reading.. Is this really true? Has anyone really tried this system? I r...


4 Year Old Bag Lady

M.M. asks from Dallas

My daughted who just turned 4 has started to cary around bags full of her favorite clothes and other random items. She even puts the bag in the bed with her, covers i...